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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Did shopping all by myself today! (Yay! Am so poud of myself!) I was kinda lonely at first but it was okay! My arm kinda hurts 'coz I'm also carrying a heavy bag 'coz I just got home from my mom's house so my baggage is quite heavy and I went home by train! Urghh.. girls who have cars are so so sooo lucky! Well anyway, here are the things I bought! YES! ALL THESE THINGS! ALL JUST TO LOOK STYLISH AND PRETTY!!! Hehe ~ やったぁ~!

This is a Cecil McBee wallet and I've been wanting this for a long long time since I bought a bag that is Cecil McBee and I like to match my stuff with other stuff so yeah ~ ステキ!!!
Aren't these earrings nice? I told you I'm a sucker for things with key designs! Okay, so I bought this at my favorite accessory store in Omiya called, make star. All the accessories there are real cheap! But pretty! This only costed me about ¥315! When I can buy this at other shops for ¥690! Cool ne?! I also bought other stuff from there but I included it to the 'random things I bought' picture which am gonna show you later on..
I bought both of these nail polishes at Claire's and yeah.. I told you guys before that I hated PA polishes but this is the only crackle polish I can find and I wanted one so bad so yeah no choice! but, I tried it today and the results were pretty good so, I guess PA polishes are okay when it comes to crackle polishes but sucks when it comes to normal polishes.. yeah! That's right!
Went to Loft and lost all my money (lololol)!!! Just kidding, so I got this Missha sheet masks and am using the pomegranate right now (Just sayin'). I'm actually kinda new to sheet masks and thought of buying this instead 'coz my BB cream is Missha and it was really skin friendly for me, so I bought this! Yay!
Also bought this at Loft and this polish is from sweets sweets cosmetics and I love it so much! Not only that is cheap but the color is pretty too! I'll definitely buy other colors from them!
Omg this (I think) is the prettiest quad I've ever seen! So pretty that I was lured in buying it! It's the Butterfly Trick series from Marie Claire and it's absolutely gorgeous! See?! See!! I think this one's limited edition and only available in Fall season.. idk. Hmm..
This lipgloss is called Nude Plump no.019 from Rimmel and I recommend this to people who likes long lasting make up 'coz this lipgloss is like the 'shit' I mean, THE SHIT of all lipglosses! (I think?) I tested this lipgloss and it's super super gorgeous and then I tried to erase it but still, the color stays and am like wow! So I bought it and yay am broke! (lololol) Okay not really but I definitely recommend this to people who likes to wear lipglosses/lipsticks and doesn't like reapplying.
And these are all the random stuff I bought, clothes from Honeys, leggings and in that green plastic bag is a Bvlgari perfume I bought to give to someone I really like who doesn't like me back but I don't care 'coz it's his birthday tomorrow so I might aswell give him this as a gift since he likes Bvlgari and all and blah blah blah blah blah............
Okay so yeah! All done with the haul! Yay! Did you get bored?! Am sorry!!!

I was kinda reluctant to make haul posts at first 'coz I'm kinda worried that some of the people who're gonna read this might think I'm bragging or whatever.. but reading other blogs and seeing them post their 'stuff' actually kinda made me think that they post those 'stuff' so if we (readers) like it, we can also buy it! Ne? So yeah.. if you guys liked some of the things I bought! Go ahead and buy it too! Hehehehehe ~

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  1. Nice buys! Love the wallet. :-D

  2. awww! really cute stuff!!

    new follower here!



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