Kreativ Blogger Award x 7 Things

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hey guys! And oh will you look at that! I've received an award from Cris. Check her blog out! Pretty good stuff ('-^*)/

Rules are:
Share 7 things about yourself/myself
Tag 15 people afterwards!

Aight! I'm ready.. so these are the only 7 things about me that I 'only' want to share with you guys.

I. I'm a huge fan of Key from SHINee! I even made a blog dedicated to 'HIM' and other SHINee members! THIS IS THE LINK I WAS TALKING ABOUT NOW FOLLOW IT!

If you don't know who Key is.. here's a picture of that handsome young beast!

II. Avid fan of Final Fantasy. I originally prefer 7 among all the others but I guess now my new favorite will be 13 'coz among all the other Final Fantasy games I've played.. 13 is the only one I've actually finished! Hahaha..

This picture is super awesome! Credits to the one who made this.

III. My favorite anime/manga for now is Ao no Exorcist.

IV. Aside from Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (My new idol) I also love, Saito Natsuumi! Ranzuki Gal Model!

Why isn't she just so cute and adorable?! Aww..

V. I dislike raisins but I love grapes! I love Catsup but I don't like Tomatoes!

VI. I like guys who're tall, above 170cm or more.. thin, gots nice nose and teeth. Hihihi.....

VII. I don't believe in..... God.

Okay so I almost forgot about the 15 people I'ma tag..

Okay so that's it for now.. I can't possibly tag 15 people! I'm sorry! ムリムリ!!!

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  1. Aww. Thanks for tagging me! Gonna work on this before school starts! Hihi ;-) Thanks again!

  2. Thank you! :) loved your facts :)

  3. congratulations on your award! ^__^

  4. Thank-you for tagging me ! for some reason I really feel like reading manga after reading your post... I'll go check out Ao no Exorcist. ^___^

  5. omgdjk I'm sorry I replied so late! Thank you for the award :)I <3 blue excorcist! I'm so sad that they only made the anime 25 episodes long and the ending felt rushed. I love key too (along with the rest of the shinee members....) I love the final fantasies, especially 9,7 and 3. I also love grapes but not raisins! We have so much in common xD

  6. How interesting! Key is such a diva~~~ he is fashionable and sassy~ what an inspiration xD You have a cute blog and layout ^^

    xoxo tifuani

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