OCTOBER 『My best month.. yet???』

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Hi guys! Yet another 'personal' post! I hope this gets interests! Okay, so the month of October.. I feel like this is MY MONTH or the MONTH where GOOD AND GREAT THINGS may happen to me. It's only been October 2 but everything just feels right and great! I'm also looking forward on the 15th 'coz there'll be fireworks near Adachi ku where my mom lives and I get to see *eh ehem* okay so I'll tell you the story later on, let's start from the top.

So yesterday, Machan (you know, the guy I had like a massive crush on..) finally texted me! And I was so happy, it was exactly 11:47pm when I received his 'mail' and I was so happy ~ I was going to sleep by that time but since I received his text I couldn't stop giggling by myself and daydreaming about me and him and blah blah blah.. How nostalgic! I've never felt like that for really long time.. well, I kinda felt it with Junichi before but I never get to see him almost everyday unlike Machan so yeah.. huge difference!

And then, there's the fireworks I'll be attending on the 15th. So my Stepdad is going to hold kind of a mini party for his workers and go see the fireworks. Mom will be there and since I wanna see the fireworks and this new guy I've been liking, who's also gonna be there. I invited myself! Nahh just kidding, mom told me to come too so yeah, I'm super excited to see the fireworks, and Daisuke! Yay!

And today, me and my bestfriend Megumi went to Karaoke. She said she wanted to sing 'coz she's stressed out and she wanna loosen up and all so she invited me to join her. I didn't bought any money with me 'coz I forgot and I took all my money from my bank so I can't withdraw anything! But, it was so nice of her to pay for my half for a while. So cool! I get to enjoy my night without money! but I'll be paying her back you know.

Okay so that's some of the our pictures.. that's it for today! I'm gonna watch Ao no Exorcist now! Or if there'll be no new episodes today, Usagi Drop or the new movie I just downloaded.. Grave Encounters! oooh.. scary! Later kids!

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