❤ Soft Pink Dolly Eye Look ❤

Monday, December 12, 2011

Suddenly, I was inspired to do an eye make up video (Yeah.. I'll only be showing my eyes since it's bedtime and I don't wanna put foundation on my face anymore 'coz I just finished washing my face lololol.) And yup! I'll be posting it on youtube.. uhmm.. maybe tomorrow?!?! I dunno.. I always say tomorrow then I won't be able to do it! Tonikaku! Here's a preview/picture of it!

Okay so, any suggestion for a good title?? My title's too long and too girly! Ahahaha.....

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  1. How about ‘blushing eyes’ as a name?

  2. I suggest "cotton candy eyes" or "eyes like candy floss". It looks exactly like it!

  3. cute! this encourages me to do more with my eyeshadow...maybe after exams are over xD



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