❤ Kitty Case ❤

Friday, December 16, 2011

I figured I'd show off my new cellphone case since it's just super adorable! Oh okay so it's not exactly new since I've been using it for like weeks now! Kekeke p(^_^)q

Look how cute it is! You press its' ears to turn on/off the device! Smart and cute!!! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

I really wanted to buy the silicon bunny case but my friend already got it! (;_;)I don't want to be a copycat so I got this Hello Kitty case instead but it's cute so it's okay! (^O^)I got this from Rakuten btw. And I dunno if it could fit an iPhone4 though. (; ̄ェ ̄)hmm.....

How 'bout you there? Do you like these kinda things too? What kind of style do you prefer putting on your phone? Mine's simple but cute. Not too glittery and shiny! Hehe! (^з^)-☆

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  1. Wow this is super cute!!! I love it!!! *o*
    I like this kind of things, but it's hard to find some here in France... u_u

  2. that's so cute toffinshan hehehe. i want one for myself too however i dont have an iphone hahaha

  3. Whattt the ears can turn on the device? :( I ordered and already received my Rilakkuma case for my i4s like weeeeeks ago! haha thinking that I could renew my phone but my stupid contract says I have to wait like another month :( and probably even longer cause Australia is out of stock on iphones. Makes me so mad :(


  4. it's so cute! I got the bunny-case in white for my white i-phone, however it gets dirty so damn easily!!

  5. I also love Hello Kitty. :)
    Your phone is so pretty.


  6. To Amandine:

    I got this from Rakuten! You can order it there 'coz they deliver stuff internationally. Hihi!

    To Cris:

    You can bling out your fone depending on how you want it without an iPhone hihi..

    To Chloe:

    Haha.. Too excited ne? Don't worry.. a month it'll pass and you can finally get your hands on your new iPhone.. in the mean time, just pretend that your Rilakkuma case is your iPhone for a while hihi!

    To KyokoKokoro:

    Really? Oh you should've gotten the pink orangy one 'coz it's super cute I swear! My friend got it already so drats! I didn't get it..


    Thank you so much! Hihi..



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