Happy New Year!!!

Monday, January 02, 2012


2011 is officially over! Yay! And hello 2012! (Hello!) I have no new year resolutions this year 'coz I thought I've been doing it every year and still, no changes? (mainly on my weight lol) So this year, I'ma just go with the flow just like last year! And yeah, this month's highlight is YG ENTERTAINMENT'S Concert here in Japan! (CONCERT INFO HERE) I'm planning on attending the 22nd of January.. alone! I guess. I've been trying to invite some of my friends but since they're not fans.. all of 'em rejected me! Hence, I didn't buy any tickets yet.. I also think it's probably sold out 'coz BIGBANG and 2ne1 will be there! And they're all pretty famous here so yep! But, I'm being optimistic here, I hope there are still tickets! Even if I have to go all by myself and just meet up with VIPS out there! I'm planning to buy the tickets on January 3. 'Coz that's when I'll be leaving to go visit mom. And there aren't any Lawson convenience store out here in Iwatsuki so I have to all the way to Higashi Iwatsuki to check if they still have tickets! So hopefully they still have. WISH ME LUCK! I REALLY WANT TO ATTEND A CONCERT THIS YEAR! I HOPE THIS IS IT!!!

So yeah.. let's end this rambling with the question, 'How was your new year you guys? Was it fun?!?!' Okay! Make me jealous! Haha.. me? (I'll still tell you how mine was even though you didn't ask!) I stayed all day at home, we were supposed to eat soba but we ate cream spaghetti instead! LOL. I stayed up all night browsing my Tumblr and Facebook. On Tumblr.. everything's about the new year jokes lololol. And on Facebook, the 'Happy New Year' greetings and the, 'New year, New me' CRAP! So yea that's about it! Pureety boring.. I hope next year it'll all be different!

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