My contacts broke! (TT~TT)

Saturday, December 31, 2011

But it was a great week though! Last Wednsday we had our Bonenkai. In Japan, people who work does this yearly.. kind of like a year end party with your co-workers or Christmas party! Yeah.. we had that! And after our Bonenkai (It finished by 11pm, THANK GOD!) My other co-workers invited me to Omiya to go to a Club! The place was quite small but it was cool since there aren't that much customers but I really had fun! I drank a lot but didn't go all crazy drunk 'coz I dunno, liquors don't have that 'effect' on me. Except maybe beer?! (Oh beer..) lololol.

It was great that we left the place by 3am but since, there aren't any available trains by 3am we waited until 5am. I didn't wanna go home by taxi 'coz it's gonna cost me like A LOT! So we seperated and I went with Tomomi and Nagai san to kill time in a Net Cafe. It was my first time hanging out on a Net Cafe.. and you can sleep there! Yeahh.. and there are tons of mangas everywhere, free drinks but you have to pay for the food though. They have seperate cubicles and the cubicles are quite big so you can sleep! Really cool! I didn't get to take pictures because it was so quiet.. almost everybody is like sleeping and I don't want people to hear a loud shutter sound.. that'll be embarassing! (TT^TT)

So yeah, about my contacts! lol (It's about time) I didn't get to bring the container so since I was really really tired I removed it, put it in my bag (inside the front pockets) and then went to sleep. When I got home by 6am I saw my contacts inside my bag shattered! It hardened and then yeah.. just like that! I was so dumb.. so next time I'll be bringing my lens case with me always! (TT^TT) But I guess on the positive side, I went to Rakuten to check out some contact lenses and they're having a sale on these.

I chose this color.

Isn't it pretty? (The model is pretty too! So jealous!) And it'll be arriving on Monday so I'm really excited about that! They deliver internationally so if you want.. here's the link. Click Me!

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  1. xD my contacts didn't break but the other day one just popped out of my eye and it landed on the gross public floor....I decided to save myself and just throw the pair out Dx

  2. That net cafe sounds interesting!
    I never seen one in my city tho.

  3. LemonberryLulu: Omg it's like I'm imagining your contacts jump right out of your eye! lololol. Too bad!!! (TT^TT) I feel bad 'coz I just bought those and the prices of contact lenses are no joke here! It's so expensive! (>_< )

    Sweets: Yea it is! Like, I think I saw dvds too like, you can also watch dvds inside your cubicle so it's pretty cool!



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