January Haulage ~ リラックマ~イェ!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Updaaate! What's up guys?! Me? Well.. I haven't gone out for a while so I have no juicy gossips for now. Buuut, I do wanna share some recent stuff I bought from nearby stores.. y'know, figured you might wanna try it aswell hihi..

I thought I'd collect cute charms, items and all that other stuff from now on and I chose to collect Rilakkuma stuff, oh okay, so not all Rilakkuma but mostly, it's partner Korilakkuma. So far my collection is getting somewhere so am really happy about it. I thought I'd continue buying one or two items per month from Rilakkuma, depending if I really need it so yeah, here are some recent items I got and when I say recent I mean, I just bought it today. LOL.

lunch box, lunchbox bag, card suit, key headgear

And all of those names I just made up right on the spot! I dunno what to call 'em I threw away all the plastic once I started opening everything! Oh and yeah. I also bought some bliiiing 'coz I feel like it! I also bought one for my grandma, I mean, she got good taste! Like, the hoop right there, she's the one who spotted it!

I've tested this Majolica Majorca finishing powder and was absolutely amazed with it.. I mean, it gives a smooth matte finish so I bought it and then, I was right. It's definitely a good product! And then, I thought I'd try this Happy Bath Day body butter 'coz I saw it on a magazine! I forgot what, maybe it was Ranzuki or Seventeen Idk. Smells really nice I use it everyday now!

And the finale iiiiis..... the new Biohazard Revelations for 3DS!

Comes with free cd! It's a useless cd though.

This game is scary.. the zombies are all yucky, slimey and strong and just urghh.. I kinda wished capcom just made it into a PS3 or Xbox game 'coz the storyline is pretty cool and it's not like Biohazard 5 'coz in this game, they bought back the solving puzzles and shit and going back to where you've been and encounter tons of monsters when you get back (usually a biohazard thing from previous games) so it's gotten more scary and challenging so I hope they make this into a PS3 game soon and I bet everyone like every single Boihazard/Resident Evil fan will love it! It's an awesome game I sweaaar!

That ends this January Haulage! Next month's February! I hope you all enjoy your Valentines! I know I won't and I know I'll again, be spending it alone. with No bf! (TT^TT)

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  1. The rilakkuma stuff are so cute! I want a bento box D: haha

  2. awwww Rilakkuma stuff are really cute! The earrings are cute too! I like games but I hate zombie games LOL... scary! xD

  3. Awww!!! I love rilakkuma <3 Nice stuffs you bought there! ;-)


  4. Ah so much cute stuff :D I Love Korilakkuma ^^



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