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Sunday, February 05, 2012

I made me a new theme! And it's based on my new all time favorite anime Fairy Tail! If you're a Fairy Tail fan like me and you're interested in the font I just used, it's called Crown Title (´0ノ`*)

Oh okay.. now onto the review. These are the products I'll be reviewing today, Palty's Gel liner and Gold Pencil Liner.

Guess I'll start with the Pencil Eyeliner. It's pretty pigmented, and not something you would expect from a cheap product. Here's what the swap looks like on my hand.

I'd give it a ★★★★☆ out of 5 stars! 'Coz it applies smoothly, it's pigmented and it's blendable (btw, is blendable even on the dictionary? lol)! It's a 4 'coz it's not that kind of product that you'd be able to say, 'oh my gosh this is it!'

Next is..... the Gel Liner. Here's what it looks like out of the package and here's a swap of it on my hand.

I never thought it'd be a glitter gel liner so it's kinda cool.. I love things that're glittery. It's not in jet black color but it's kinda grayish black. It's easy to apply, it's buildable but you have to put several coats just so you can achieve that dark black color but I eventually gave up so I just applied liquid liner on top. But it's pretty okay since it's not the type of gel liner that dries on your eyelids easily. You can put several coats on top without it having to dry on your lids so it's okay! Plus it doesn't smudge that easily!

So I'd give it a ★★★★☆ too! o(^▽^)o

Oh yeah.. here's how it looked like when I applied it onto my eye! But I kinda cheated with the gel liner 'coz I applied liquid liner on top. I used the Pencil Liner onto the inner corners of me eyez.

Both cheap! Both did a good job! Oh and hey! Extra pictures!!!

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  1. thanks for following!!I followed back :)
    I love your gorgeous make up!!!!

    1. You're Welcome!!! :3 SANKYU DE~~~CHU!

  2. aww I <3 fairy tail too, I knew it as soon as I saw your banner xD it's like the only extended anime I've been following since episode 1. I first got hooked because one of the main character's name is Lucy lol. I never knew palty made stuff other than hair dyes, thanks for sharing! Love your eyeliner, mine never turns out that well!

    1. just dropping by again to say I tagged you!

    2. Lucy? You're name's Lucy too? Aww.. cute!

      You are welcome! :3 Omg thanks for tagging meh! :3:3:3

  3. Omgsh I didn't know palty had these products too! I am totally palty biased so yeah.. Haha!
    And I watched fairytale before ^^ the font is cool :D

    xx THT Christina

    1. I didn't know too.. they didn't have these in drug stores I actually bought this on a grocery store.. I was kinda surprised!


  4. fairytail is my most fav anime right now as well! are there any other good animes still going on that you would recommend? :p


    1. If you like creepy/grotesque animes I recommend Another.. it's really good! Only 4 episodes so far tho

  5. Really lovely make-up!
    Your reviews just reminded me that I need to get a new gel liner soon~ The Palty one has cute packaging ^^

  6. OMG U lokk so beautifull XP
    may i know, how do you make your blogger theme
    help me pls



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