A somewhat kinda 'interesting' story.....

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Good morning guys! So yeah.. somethin' crazy happened yesterday while I was on my way home from work and I'll never forget this ever my whole life. I finally got my key and you cannot imagine where I just found it!

While I was on my way to the bus stop.. I found it hanging on some strangers gate/fence! (It happened in Hasuda folks and am from Iwatsuki so it's pretty far..) At first I was like, oh my god am I high like?! Is it just my imagination 'coz that's my key!!! My freakin' house key!!! What's it doing there?!?! And then like the dog is barking at me! The dog's pretty scary 'coz it's pretty mad at me Idk why! I'm really nice to dogs how could that bitch be so meaaan (T_T) oh okay so the dog was being a bitch right so I had to come up with a scheme to get the key 'coz the key fell and it fell inside so it's kinda hard to reach by foot so I'll had to get it by hand but the killer dog's in the way so yeah.. If I reach it by hand that bitch will def bite me with no hesitation! So I came up with a scheme where am pretending to chase the bitch so it'll start to run around and it was a success! (I even tried talking to it but it was like, 'Shut up you cunt! Get outta my masters territory!!!') And I can't believe it! I finally got it! My key!!! I got it back!!! Huraaah!!!!! o(^▽^)o

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  1. I'm follow now.
    Please follow back me.

  2. LOL crazy story! Wonder how it it there though O.o
    I had a stupid experience with two bulldogs, thought I was going to die too >.> But I lived to tell the story LOL

    xx THT Christina

  3. that's so creepy! maybe someone thought it was their key and took it by mistake??? That's so crazy O.o wow I lost my HK house key too recently! Now I can't go home unless I'm with someone....ugh I really need to go get it replaced fml.

  4. you are so lucky!!such a successful scheme xd

  5. wow that's so crazy that you found your key there ! and omg that stupid dog i would of just like threw a stick or something ahah!



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