Tokyo Disney Resort 2012.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Yipee!!! We're on break! Whew! That's good.. work is tough! I'm glad I'm not busy now.. well I'm not THAT busy before too it's just that I didn't had the time to post stuff ('coz I'm too busy watching Naruto Shippuden lol)! (TT^TT ) I'm a baaad blogger.. but anyway, I'm here to make up for it! With this new post you'll surely love and would wanna visit Japan EVEN MORE! This is my trip to Tokyo Disney Resort! We went to Disney On April 15. So their theme is Easter! I saw a lot of eggs! Disney Eggs! Here! This is going to be a long picture post! ENJOY!
Waiting in line.. Ahhh.....
This is me and my cousin, Rina! Throughout the whole day I was inseperable with her! And we rode tons of rides while our parents were just strollin'.
BIG THUNDER MOUNTAIN! I love this ride! This was second to Space Mountain! We took this ride at 4pm something because we took a fast pass (I guess that's what you call that ticket) 'Coz THE LINE WAS SUPER LONG!!! It would take us about an hour tops just standing there, waiting!
This was my Facebook Profile pic! HAHA!!!
This was taken while we're at Western Land.
This is the part where we rode a boat! I forgot what it's called but I think it's Safari something and it was really relaxing! But boring.. me and my cousin want rides that are thrilling and scary! But, my grandma insisted we should see this! Hmm.. but it was pretty okay, the animals were very realistic!
While we're waiting in line for the Haunted Mansion! There was a parade and it was so cool! It was nice to appear before us while we wait in line 'coz the line was LONG! And it took us 40 minutes to get in line! Urghh.. that's the only thing you'd hate in Disney! Especially if you're impatient! Hehe..
Inside Space Mountain! God this ride was AWESOME! And the LINE! Like aefgvqewrfvb it was super duper LONG! And just when we were already inside! There goes another line! BUT IT WAS AWESOME! Me and my cousin wanted to ride it again but it was dark out and we wanted to try out more rides so we went to another ride instead.
We rode this car thing and thought that we're going to ride an actual car! It was an actual car all right but it was connected on some rail! Urghh.. just when I though we're going to be badasses at that time!
Buzz Lightyear Astroblaster was awesome too! It would be nice if I had a partner 'coz I only took 3000pts. (TT^TT )
The Cinderella Castle is huge! Plus it has a gift shop inside where there's someone making glass figurines on the spot! And that's what they sell on the shop plus jewelries! I bought some jewelries for myself but sadly, most of 'em were taken away from me by my relatives! lol.
WAAA!!! Too many pictures!!! I'm sorry.. but I feel like I haven't shown you guys EVERYTHING! So there will be part II! Tomorrow!!! See you guys in my next post!!!

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  1. that looks like a lot of fun >.< I just went to the Disneyland in Orlando over spring break and it was so crowded O.o can't wait to go to the Tokyo Disneyland someday~

  2. That looks sooooo fun! <3 it looks really crowded though!
    your outfit is also super super cute! ^_~

  3. Lovely photos!! I wanna go to Tokyo disneyland too. >__< Someday. Haha! Nice outfit, btw! :-D

  4. Wow, the castle is so beautiful! I hope I can go one day, it looks like an awesome place to visit~

    Your blue bow Minnie ears are so adorable too <3

  5. uiii so cute :3
    i will also <3
    looks like fun



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