Tokyo Disneyland Lights Parade

Monday, May 07, 2012

I know I should've posted this like a 5 days ago but I was super busy.. busy with watching Naruto Shippuden! So far I've already watched episode 261 and now all I have to do is just wait for the next episodes to come! And read the manga.. ahh..... I hope you're not bored with me telling you about my otaku life! But anyway, I'm here to show you around Disney again! This time, it's how it looks like at night! I'll be showing you a sparkly magical parade I saw at Disneyland and it was absolutely magical! Here.. enjoy the pictures!!!
Whoa! And that was some photo spamming! Sorry.. (TT^TT ) I feel like I've been letting you guys down for not posting much.. but, I'll try to be more active! Until then, みんなまったね?!

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  1. wow, awesome photos it looks there really magical , like you wrote :) ahah and you are cute :)
    wish you nice day :))

  2. Wow! It does look so magical! Aww, it must've been so pretty in person~

  3. wonderful ^o^
    and cute pic of you <3

  4. wah i love your photos :D i wish to visit Japan someday TT^TT thank you for following my blog :">
    ~aiMee/aMz, <3

  5. Your photos are just beautiful!!!! The glowing lights look so magical~



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