Winged Eyes ~

Monday, June 18, 2012

And when I say 'winged' I mean, LITERALLY! This look is inspired by
KlairedelysArt if you guys aren't familiar with her (Oh my gosh how could you not now her?!) I provided a link on her name so you guys go check her out she's awesome!!! And really pretty!

So yeah, I did a look based on her video! And I really loved it! I am actually going to sport this look when I go out sometime but yeah, I did a trial look, so you're only going to see my eyes on these pictures I'm gonna post. Here you go!

I actually made my own version 'coz I still applied a thick line over my lids and then extending it to the inner corners. (Making it look like a 'bird's eye' lololol) Plus I used a silver and sparkly turquoise color on my lids and near my waterline. (Omg all these explaining about my eyes is giving me headaches!)

Oh hey you guys! Look! Do you my lower lashes? Aren't they growing now? Wow! So RevitaLash DOES WORK! I'm actually seeing some difference now! My lashes are growing longer and thicker! Maybe, not putting mascara everyday helps too!


Oh and here's her video you guys!

The thing I did is not as perfect as how she did it! But I'll keep practicing! And maybe show more decent pics in the future! Hope you like this! 'Coz I absolutely love this! I really really LOVE WING designs! I dream of getting a wing tattoo on my back in the future y'know!!! Just saying.

I made my own FB Page! Haha..
I never thought I would make one!
It's right on the left!
Please like me! (TT^TT )

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  1. Super cute Erika-chan! Now I wanna try this xD
    I <3 KlairedelysArt. She's so talented and pretty!

  2. Oh! I saw that! <3 Your version is gorgeousss~ I absolutely adore the turquoise! So pretty! :D

  3. Wow, this is so pretty! Now THAT is a legit wing :p

    1. Haha IT IS! I wanna wear it everyday if I could!!!

  4. This looks super gorgeous!
    Such a cute look - hope I can try this sometime ^^

  5. It'es really original ! I love :o



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