Something new: Visee Glam Glow Eyes!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Hey guys! Like the new theme? Yes! I'm obviously obsessing about my blog and everything 'coz I wanted to make it biiig! I need more friends (TT^TT ) Uh well.. anyway, here's something new since it's my first time trying this brand that I'm gonna talk about! It's from Visee or (Vui~se) yeah.. the name's already glamorous! If your unfamiliar with this, it's a Japanese drug store make up and the 'face' or model of this particular brand is Koda Kumi and Hamasaki Ayumi! They're really big! meaning this brand is also BIIIG! But I was surprised that even though this brand IS BIG! The items are super affordable! And some are even cheap! But the quality is GREAT! Plus, the packaging is glamorous! You won't mistake it for something cheap!

Here! Have a take a look of the product and see for yourself!

See? Isn't the packaging looking 'G L A M O R O U S'? Told ya!

Here are the colors! Isn't it too shimmery? Yeees! If you're a 'matte lover' I don't think you'll appreciate this pallete! But I do think you'll give it consideration for it's shimmery and glittery but the glitters don't go all over the face. Y'know? some shimmery/glittery shadows tend to scatter glitters all around the face, like for example the *cough* Lavshuca *cough* pallete hmmm.. but this, it's not like that! Plus it's a perfect night out pallete but can be wearable on daytime aswell! Nice!

Here are the swatches! Yes it's pigmented, I just didn't do a great job with the swatching! And yes, as you can see, on my second swatch it's not that visible, that's 'coz it's just shimmers! Yes, if you wanna add more shimmer/glitter to your look! You can use it! (It's the white/pearly color on the pallete) And it really sticks to the skin, like I've said, it doesn't scatter around the face.

Okay thaaat's about it with the product! Now, more pictures of *cough* me *cough* wearing the colors!

*close up*

Yay my eyelashes are growing! Oh, I didn't use the pearly white color 'coz of the shimmers.. I don't feel like looking shiny at the time so I just used the three colors!

So yeah.. that's it with this! Sankyu for reading!

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  1. I love the eye shadows - it looks so pretty on you!!! >U<
    I love how you edit your photos! It's just too cuuuutee!!! >w<

  2. Awesome that idol endorsed products can be so affordable. I like the packaginf btw, glamorous as you said haha And nice layout! I LOVE lace!!

  3. Ooh, so pretty! The colors are gorgeous and so shimmery~ And your new layout is super glam!

  4. these pretty packaging and eyeshadows are a trap! hehehe but we can't help buying pretty things :D

  5. Love the palette! Packaging is so cute <3

  6. These colors look good on you! Such a pretty palette :) I have a nail polish from this brand, got it a while back.



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