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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I feel like making a post today! So why the heck not! I'm really bored.. so I spent my day with my cousin laughing our asses off of this mv of ISSA x Soulja x ROLA! The music is great, I love the song! It's my new favorite song! But I couldn't help but laugh at the way Soulja's singing. I am so C H I L D I S H. Aight! Enjoy the video ~

My feelz for this screenshot of Soulja! Oh laaawd! LMFAO!

And that's not all~ they also made a cute answer song and THIS IS MY ALL TIME FAVORITE NOW! THAT I HAVE TO MEMORIZE THIS! It's all lovey dovey but not so cheesy since two hot, good looking, bad boys are the ones singing it!

Oh and here's another video.. it's f(x)'s Japanese version of Hot Summer! I love this one better 'coz I could atleast understand the words! And OMG AMBER LOOKS SO HANDSOME! lololol. SERIOUSLY, I KNOW I'M STRAIGHT BUT I'D TOTALLY GO LESBIAN FOR HER!!! ASDFGHJKL AWW LAWD! MY FEELZ!!!

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  1. i like the hot summer song ^.^ its really nice

    but i can not hear the first songs here, in germany is not allowed XD ~ shit....

  2. Wow, I'd never heard of the first two songs but they're so, so good! :D
    LOL, Amber is sexxay. <3



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