Shin Okubo aka Korean Town!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New theme again! I kept changing my blog name over and over! But, I'll stick with this one for now.. until many many yearz~ ANYWAY!!! Last week me and my friends went to get lunch and shop at Shin Okubo aka Korean Town! And omg.. You won't believe how many CUTE KOREAN HOTTIES I SAW THERE!!! lol. Sorry Roni (TT^TT) But anyway, not only that~ there are tons of Korean restaurants, korean cosmetic shops, korean purikura~ etc. Really really worth coming back! I think I've already decided to celebrate my birthday there! Gosh!!!

Yummy Korean food goodness! Kyaaa~!!!

Screw diet! (TT^TT) Out of all this goodness my favorite was the cheese bibinba! Super yummy! Gaaahd I want one now!

Stopped by at Happy Time Cafe/Ice cream shop and took pics!

Shops ~

Fortunately, there are many newly opened shops there and most of 'em were having sales! Talk about good timing! Mecha mecha lucky nandayo!!!

Buys ~

Small haul I did. I was broke at the time so.. (TT^TT) I finally got the lip tint I wanted! Yay~ works really fine! And I finally completed my Tony Moly Egg Collection..... NOT! There's a new product! So now I have to collect four! Didn't get it 'coz I thought the golden egg was better!

And here are some random pics I shot when I was there! Goodness cheese! I am such a fan of Jan Geun Seuk! (TT^TT) My feelz for guys with long haaayeeerrr!!! Oh! And there's a puppy on the counter! So cute! I even petted it!

I know where to buy cheap yet affordable AUTHENTIC Korean cosmetics now! Yay! I'll never buy from the internet again! Only if it's not available in stores here! Omg.. I was really PLEASED with all of the shops I saw! Everything I saw from the internet was way way waaay cheap bought in stores here in Shin Okubo! But you have to look carefully tho.. some shops sell it for cheap and some don't~

Jya~ That's it for now!
More posts comin' up!

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  1. I was just there last weekend! Love that place :) I never got a chance to go to that makeup store though.. looks awesome! Maybe next time. ^^

    1. Really? We could've seen each other! I was there on friday tho.. not on a weekend. You should try going inside the kinda like a takeshitadori street, there are many shops there! (^v^)b

  2. OMG! I need to go back to Shin Okubo next time I go back. Food *Q* lol. I'm on a diet so those would kill me xD I LOvE the new blog look! <3

    1. I LOVE Jang Geun Suk too <3

    2. Don't worry Rina you'd forget about diet once u get there. Like me! I was out of control that time! LOL. Omg really?!?! We love the same man?! (O_____O)

  3. i love foods *_* your blog is very cute and interesting. maybe follow? im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!


  4. Cool photos :D Korean food is yummy! Sounds like a fun day.

    Joyce @

  5. Awesome, looks like you had a lot of fun (*^ ◡^*)
    You are very pretty! ~

  6. cool pics ^^

  7. It looks like you had a lot of fun there! I love your haul and that little dog is so cute ;A; Thanks for sharing this!! Great photos<3
    -Kiyomi xx



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