Hair Adventures! [Extensions]

Monday, June 30, 2014

After neglecting my blog for about a year (I think?) I figured I'd do a throwback and show you how pretty you'd look with long hair if you've always had short hair! Like me! I'm the type that would always want my hair cut especially when I feel hot and I feel like my hair is bothering me! But one day I decided I wanted change and decided to grow my hair! But since my hair growth is pretty SLOW! I did the shortcut! I had extensions! I went to the salon and they braded fake hair together with my real hair and here are the results!

At first when I had extensions I totally ignored every irritation I've felt having it on me! (By irritation I meant the itching, the tangling of my hair, and the fact that it gets frizzy everytime the wind hits it!) I took care of my hair but it only lasted for almost 3 months but atleast it lasted for ALMOST 3 months 'coz the lady at the salon said it should last for 3 months. But I've noticed at 2 months the cotton candy pink highlights I had totally faded into platinum blonde.. the color was okay though.

And then I removed my extensions and back to short hair! Removing it by yourself is a pain! So I had help from my dad.. I didn't want to go to the salon to have it removed because the salon I'm going to is kinda far from where I live and I just wanted it removed! Fast!
And then for the sacond time I had extensions again! This time I didn't like it much because compared to my first extension.. I had a lot of hair! This time I think they didn't put a lot of hair on me even I paid for the same price I paid for the first session..

The color was cool though.. but I only had it for almost 2 months! By that time I decided I don't want no more extensions and if I wanted one I would just buy me the clip ones!
In my experience after having extensions.. I feel like it made my hair a lot thinner because when you remove the extensions.. a lot of your natural hair would be removed aswell. And the itching oh god! I can't stop scratching the back of my neck! And I had rashes! So no more extensions for me! I think.. I think I'd buy the clip extensions from now on.
Besides.. I've already grew my hair up to this length.. and I'm keep growing my hair up to my belly button! No more haircuts for now!

And btw, this is what I look like now!

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