Philips VisaPure REVIEW!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Today I'm going to review Philips VisaPure which I bought at Yamada Denki which is an electronic and appliances shop here in Japan. It's a face brush.. just like Clarisonic but unlike Clarisonic, Visapure has a smaller brush.

It looks like this!

It's my favorite!

It costs me around ¥15,000 which is about 146.72USD. I bought myself the peach colored one. They also have the color blue and it's cheaper.. it costs about ¥11,000 107.56USD. But with the peach one you can adjust it to rotate a bit faster by pressing the button 2 times and you can't do that with the blue one. With the blue one you only get one brush which is the normal brush unlike the peach one you get two. The normal and the sensitive brush. You can also buy individual brushes.. they also have the exfoliating brush but I forgot to get that. Oh and it comes with a charger!

These are the brushes that comes with it:
Normal(all white) and Sensitive(with pink bristles) for sensitive skin

I use the normal one! And I've been using it for 3 days.. and I LOVE IT! I've never used facial brushes and it's actually my first time using one. And I think it makes a lot of difference using one instead of not using. It cleans the face thoroughly and with just 3 days I can already see a difference!

I have lots of blemishes still.. but it did remove the blackheads that I had.
Now, it looks a lot cleaner than before!

Yaas! NO FILTER! I have redness around my nose (TT^TT)
If I had a before picture you'll definitely see lots of white heads going on around my chin!
Now you could see less and it feels really smooth when you touch it.
Unlike before.. it's super bumpy! It's gross!

Ever since I got pregnant.. my skin became really ugly! I grew lots of blemishes around my forehead and sometimes it'll turn into blackheads because I probably only use facial wash and not exfoliating it doesn't clean it thoroughly.. and I have a huge huge white heads problem around my chin area since the BEGINNING! Of my puberty I think.. but y'know it's not that visible and make up covers it but when you touch it it's really gross 'coz it's not smooth.. and I hated it! But when I started using this product my skin feels really smooth.. it did make a huge difference around my chin area.. and it removed the blackheads I had around the forehead! It's super awesome!
I've always wanted a Clarisonic but it's too expensive and you have to order it online so yeah.. I think VisaPure is a great alternative. And it does its job so I think it's great! Thanks for reading and I hope you like this review!

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