Monday, November 30, 2015

It was my first time okay! I wanted to do a vlog but I was too embarassed 'coz there were a lot people and I don't wanna be waving my phone all over the place so I just took footage of when we're going to the store and the stuff we bought!

All the pictures I'm about to show are from the IKEA website 'coz I couldn't take pictures of the actual stuff just yet 'coz it's all inside the car and taking it all would be a hassle. I guess I'll do that in a seperate post once everything is in place so let's get started!

I'm very excited about our new system closet!
We opted for Algot 'coz it's a lot cheaper and we decided to tweak it.
So you're looking at the exact closet that we want minus the shoe rack
and the trouser hanger 'coz we replaced both with the mesh baskets.
So we have 8 mesh baskets in total.

We got this pendant lamp for our dining area which my husband calls traveler?!
It reminds him of his favorite game, Destiny. He's obsessed with this lamp! Lol.

My favorite purchase of all is this faux sheep skin!
It's a lot cheaper than the original and weighs a lot lighter.

I've been wanting this muffin tin
'coz I wanted to make egg muffins!
I couldn't find this in other shops!
Good thing IKEA has EVERYTHING!
(Omg I sound like an IKEA staff! Lol.)

Now onto the boring stuff.. lol.

These napkins I bought for Haru's 1st birthday.
It's Winnie The Pooh themed.

And 2 of these rug stoppers for the rugs..
We also got a roll of something like this
but it's used to stop spoon and forks to move inside the drawers.
And an LED light.. like I said, boring stuff! Lol.

And that's it!

I'm really excited to put everything together!
Although that wouldn't happen for a while 'coz we changed plans
and decided to move in  January.
My mom and stepdad advised as to do so 'coz they said that it'll bring more luck.
I don't know if that's true but nothing's gonna happen if we believe it anyway~
So yeah, that's it! Bye for now~

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