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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Oh Lord where do I start? Hmm.. I haven't been blogging for a while because a lot has been happening and I can't think properly. My mind's preoccupied with a lot of things that I can't blog but anyway.. here's a summary of what have happened to me during all those times I was gone..

We went to the Philippines last August 27 and we (me and Haru 'coz my mom stayed there for 2 more weeks) stayed there until September 13. I was really happy to be home! I've met with my childhood friend from Zamboanga and I haven't seen her for ages and we finally get to see each other after a very long time! Plus she gets to meet my baby! I also met with my best friends in Manila and especially my relatives! I was so happy to be reunited with my brothers and my family from Valenzuela! Saying goodbye was the hardest because I have to hold my tears 'coz I don't wanna cry in front of them! I'm an adult! Lol. But yeah.. good times!

So this is what business class looks like!
It was my first time! Lol.

Reunited with my best friend / childhood friend
after how many years~

My bestfriends in Manila

My baby cousins and my cool uncle with his signature smile..
'The Smirk'

After my vacation from the Philippines, on September 19, me and my husband with our baby went out of town to celebrate our 2 years of being together and our 1st wedding anniversary and also my birthday! Yes! 3 celebrations in one! Ultimate money saver! Lol.

We stayed at Kusatsu Onsen Hotel Village.

On September 26, I celebrated my birthday with my friends at Warehouse Omiya.

On October 11, we went house hunting and on the 17th we finally decided we're going to get the house that we wanted! So yes! Updates soon about that since we aren't officially moving.. we're still working on a lot of things.. thinking about it stresses me lol. So yeah.. but here's what the house looks like~

On October 18, my God daughter celebrated her 1st birthday
and it's Hello Kitty themed.

And now this November.. nothing has been going on really.. just met with my friends and ate dinner with them and then some house stuff we're working on.. I guess I'll tell everything about the house in a different post but yeah we're really excited to move! Although, we know it's gonna be a lot of work and I'll probably won't get to blog immediately because of the internet and stuff but I'll do an update ASAP!

Update on my son~ He's 9 months old, turning 10 this November 18. He's growing up so fast omg! He's taller and weighs 10kg now! He's a chubby baby so he's really heavy he hurts my arms! Huhu.. He's got a lot of teeth now, 8 to be exact. He can stand up on his own and walk now! But he can only do just a few steps, his walks are still wobbly. Here's a recent pic of him btw~

This is what my baby looks like now!
I took this pic just this Halloween
He's dressed as a cow and I thought his costume was
ironic 'coz we went to a barbeque party that day! Lol.

Oh and one last thing, I wanted to share to you guys this site that I found which allows you to earn money just by testing sites and it's called Testbirds. You can search for it online and it's absolutely legit and it's no spam I'm telling you. I just earned 5€ which is ¥660 in Japan money. I know it's not much but you can't just earn ¥660 just by sitting in a computer, typing and listening to music at HOME. So yeah.. I thought you guys might be interested so I'm sharing it to you~ This is not at all an ad. If you're interested you can register by clicking here. I would earn community points (not money) if you click on my tracking link.

I also changed my url AGAIN 'coz why not? And my theme! Omg! I love my theme so much! Lol. I do hope this is the last time I change my url haha! No wonder my blog doesn't go nowhere. Anyway, will be posting soon! Bye for now~

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