Hitori Kakurenbo

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

It's that time of year again.. YES! It's almost Halloween and what better way to start this blog after a 4 month hiatus?! Hmm.. How 'bout a story of an infamous game/ritual here in Japan. Hitori Kakurenbo (Hide and Seek Alone).

I haven't tried this yet nor am I going to 'coz this game is really scary. I want to try only if I don't have a baby but I do so yeah, NEVER!

So here's how the game works.. you'll need:
  • A doll with arms and legs (I read that it's too risky to use a real doll like the Annabelle doll 'coz the spirit may not leave the doll.) Preferably a stuffed toy~ i.e. a stuffed bear.
  • Scissors
  • Rice
  • Nail Clippings 'coz it says it's a lot safer than using your blood, hair or saliva.
  • A red thread and a needle
  • Knife or any sharp object to stab the doll with but some say it's a lot safer to use a mechanical pencil or pencil.
  • Salt
  • Alcohol/Sake or salt water in a cup
So here's what you do before you play:
  • Give your stuffed toy a name.
  • Then you cut the stuffed toy open to take all it's stuffings out and then replace it with rice together with your nail clippings. I read that you should avoid using someone else's nail clippings, blood, hair or saliva as it may put that person in danger but what if you hate that person? You can curse him/her if you want but I won't risk it as it may also put you in danger since you're the one who played the game.
  • You sew the doll back together using a red thread. Yes, a red thread 'coz it says it serves as blood vessles. (Ooo creepy..)
So here's how you play:

Wait until it's 3AM and make sure you're the only one in the house. No pets, no friends (unless you're both going to play it) just YOU. Just to be safe you can always keep your phone with you on silent. And you can also have someone outside of your house or apartment to wait.

First, you fill your tub with water. If you don't have a bathtub you could use your sink or a pale. Just something to submerge the stuffed toy in the water with. Also prepare your glass full of alchohol/sake or salt water.

Turn off all the lights and leave your TVs on. I read somewhere that they left their TVs and radio on but it's set on static.

Find yourself a hiding place, preferably a closet. Pour a ring of salt around your hiding place just to be safe.

Now to start, stand over the tub and then while holding your toy say, '*your name* will be the first'  3x.

Drop the toy into the tub, go into the next room and count to 10. After that, return to where you left the doll and say, '*toy's name* I found you!'' Stab the doll with the sharp object of your choice then say, 'Now *toy's name* is it!' 3x.

Sip a mouthful of alchohol/sake or saltwater and then with the glass/cup of alchohol/sake or salt water quickly but quietly go into your hiding spot. Do not make a sound. Be still and be really quiet and observe the strange things that's about to happen inside your hiding spot.

How to end the game:

If you're ready to end the game or if you think the presence of the spirit is not there anymore.. leave your hiding spot with your cup. REMEMBER do not swallow the alchohol/sake or salt water inside your mouth. NEVER look behind you while you're looking for the toy. 

Once you've found the toy spit at it with the alchohol/sake or salt water in your mouth and also pour the rest of the liquid over it. Close your eyes and say, 'I win!' 3x.

Turn the lights back on, dry the stuffed toy and then BURN IT! BURN IT ASAP! It's very important you do so, otherwise, the spirit may not leave the doll.

And then the game is over. You should be okay if you follow the rules carefully but I highly suggest you don't do this, It's too risky!

I've read somewhere that you're only allowed to play with the spirit/demon 2 hours tops or it'll find you. (Omggg) And you should never fall asleep while playing because it'll stab you with the sharp object you stabbed it with. (That's why it's a lot safer to use an unsharped pencil.)

And that no matter what happens you do not swallow the salt water you've sipped 'coz it serves as a cloak from the spirit. Kinda like an invisibility cloak?

And that you should never leave the house while playing and whatever happens you have to finish the game.

I've read stories about their experiences while playing Hitori Kakurenbo and if there's one thing they regret doing is playing this game. In my opinion, I don't think the players are dealing with just a normal spirit but a demon. No one should ever risk playing this game 'coz they're inviting something evil in their lives. Why I think it's a demon? In hide and seek the 'it' means 'oni' here in Japan. In english, 'oni' means 'demon'. Ok! So even if I posted this it's just for spooks and I'm telling you this game is no normal game. If you make a single mistake the demon may haunt you for the rest of your life.

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