Sunday, December 13, 2015

So we've finally decided that we'll be moving on to our new home in 4th of January. We're really excited yet really overwhelmed. I know my husband is
NOTgonna help me with all the packing and stuff. He's busy and I know he's tired from work so I have to do EVERYTHING! And oh my gosh, I don't know where to start?! Hmm..

Photo 2015-12-13 17 12 13 10 big boxes and 20 small ones which I don't what to put yet.

Photo 2015-12-13 17 12 44 Oooh.. TAPE!

Today, a guy from a moving company (Sakai) came to tell us everything about moving. I know we could haggle a bit to lower the price but since I let my husband do all the talking ('Coz you know, I gotta let him feel he's the boss even though I'm the real boss! Lol.) he didn't haggle because he can't! He's the type of person who would see that this person is working so hard that this person deserves to be payed like how he wants it which in the end will turn into regret. He'll be like, "why did I agree to pay for that much?! It's too expensive!" Urghh..

But we did get a discount because our real estate agent introduced us to this company and we are moving in the afternoon, not sure what time yet but you'll get ¥10,000 or more worth of discount for agreeing to move in the afternoon. Depends if the movers are busy and they have customers during the morning. So we're going to pay a total of ¥73,360 instead of ¥100,000 - ¥120,000. It's a lot of money to pay for movers. My husband's friend only payed 50,000 for the movers because that guy could haggle! And he moved in September. But I thought it was reasonable.. I mean, they are going to remove and install the aircon on the 2nd floor of our new home too.

I read somewhere that the cheapest times of the year to move are June, October and November. Not really sure about September. But I've learned that it's cheap when you're going to move during the rainy season. It says that the most expensive times are March, April, ('Coz a lot of people are moving due to company transfers)  July, August because it's summer vacation and the Golden week which is about in April and May.

We decided to move in January instead of December because it's a lot cheaper to move in January. If we moved in December we're going to pay between ¥100,000 - ¥120,000 and we're not paying for that much! ¥70,000 is already too expensive for us. Besides, it's unlucky to move by the end of the year.. you know, superstitions.

I've also read that they can give 2,000 discount if we would take used boxes instead but the person from the Sakai company (Panda) already gave us new ones so it's okay. He also gave us 1kg of rice and a magazine. I guess I'll do a part 2 of the actual moving process. I found quite a lot of helpful moving tips from youtube!

Here's the site with a lot more information about moving here in Japan with the help of a moving company. Click me!

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