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Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Haru at 10 months

Last time I blogged about Haru he was just 5 months old and now he's 10 months old! Time flies so fast... He now weighs 10kg and is 73.1cm tall. He's easy to feed because he'd eat everything but his favorite will be his apple and carrot yogurt (べビーダノン brand). At his early age he can already walk and climb on to the bed, sofa, kotatsu... He climbs everywhere! He has become quite a handful. I am really happy about his fast development but he's such a daredevil! I mean, it worries me A LOT! He would climb EVERYWHERE but because he doesn't know how to get down most of the time he would fall! And I guess I'm pretty lucky that even when he falls he'd turn out to be okay. I can't watch him all the time because I have house chores to do (Ahh.. life of a housewife!). One time I left him inside his crib and I thought he'd be safe inside 'coz there's no freakin' way he'd be able to climb out of his crib right? Turns out I was WRONG! He was able to climb out of his crib leaving him to fall! Good thing his angel caught him! He cried but he was okay! (He fell on tatami covered with linoleum flooring so of course he's gonna be okay!)

I am really lucky that I have him as my baby. He may be a handful but it's easy to tend to his needs. Sometimes we have bad days that he'd be naughty and I won't stay patient with him but I'm no perfect mom. I feel guilty getting mad at him sometimes but I say sorry afterwards 'coz who could stay mad at this little cutie?! I CAN'T!

My Number One and My Treasure

I can't believe he'll be 1 year old in 2 months. I can't wait for him to say mama! He already spoke papa like 2 times but he never spoke mama which saddens me I mean, I am with you 24/7 and your first word is papa before mama?! But it's okay.. you'll say mama real soon~ and when you do I'll be the happiest mama ever! I love you Haru! Thank you for being my baby!

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