Haru's 1st Birthday!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Oh how I've missed blogging! I'm blogging here on my phone and boy is it hard! We have wifi but can't connect LAN on our PC and our desktop fan broke so my friend adviced me to not use it until we buy a new one. It's been a month now and oooh how I've missed playing Sims 4 and Fallout! I did have troubles with Haru's birthday party due to our PC being broken. I wasn't able to print as much decorations but overall the party was a success! We celebrated his party on the 30th of January and not on his actual birthday which is January 18. Not many people came but I was ok with it because we just had a house party and we didn't bother renting a venue. Here are some of the pics me and my friend took at my son's Winnie the Pooh themed party!

Here's his invitation my friend made!

I had 'em made by my friend's mom!
She makes all kinds of really yummy sweets and desserts and I got a discount!

I found these printables online and glued it on a little plastic spoon.
These cupcakes needed to be eaten with a spoon.

I did made the 'Happy Birthday Haruki' banner but my friend made the Haruki printable. I bought his Winnie the Pooh cake topper from Amazon. It's not actually a cake topper but a talking toy but I thought it would look cute on top of the cake plus Haru could play with it afterwards.

I bought and painted the letters and made the pompom garland at the back.

And here is the set up! I made the paper garland hanging from the ceiling and I also made the 'Happy 1st Birthday Haruki' banner and got the little Pooh and friends printables from Disney Family website. I wanted his party to be a bit woodsy like the Hundred Acre Woods and not too colorful. I bought baloons and my friend got me party crackers but I forgot to use 'em. But it's ok 'coz it'll be a pain to pop the baloons after the party and it'd be really messy with the party crackers.

 I made this piñata following The Sorry Girls' tutorial.

Here are his giveaways that I also DIYed. Inside there are Winnie the Pooh mini tupperwares, Winnie the Pooh notebook with a pencil, ruler and an eraser and a Winnie the Pooh face towel.

It came in different colors. I bought a lot from Rakuten and it costed me ¥7,000+ for 40pcs each of everything! We still have a lot left since not a lot of people came. Wonder if I should sell it on ebay?

Have you ever been to a party where your guests cooks food for the other guests? Lol. I am so grateful for the people who helped me cook for the party! I actually didn't do much cooking instead I looked after Haru and all the other guests.

The Birthday Boy

Papa & Baby Pooh

 Mama & Baby Pooh

Here's Haru on his actual birthday (Jan. 18)!I'm yet to post his video on his birthday party.. I'm really glad I did everything on a budget and didn't spend ¥20,000 on catering! I'd rather put that money on his savings account! Lol. Anyway, thanks for dropping by~

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