Etude House Haul

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Went cray cray again and bought make up! I didn't buy a lot this time but I did receive tons of freebies because of first order campaign and when you reach a certain amount of purchase. I did get the Pink x Skull limited edition palette and other stuff from the line because I thought I still don't have those colors and they're limited edition so I MUST HAVE! Anyways, Here are all the stuff I got! I'm gonna do a review on the palette with the lip tint soon!

And here are all the beautiful stuff I received plus the freebies! I got skin care freebies, their new 'Colorful Scent Perfume' line sample, a mirror and a Pink x Skull cusion case! They're really tempting me to get the cusions they have.. I'll think about it if they have some sort of Christmas sale 'coz you know, I'M ALL ABOUT THAT SALE! 'Coz I'm a cheap mofo! Okay, here goes the close up of the important stuff~

I got me the Funky Skull palette 'coz I'm FUNKEH! No, I don't smell funky.

I bought a new blush 'coz  I'm all out of blushes~ and I misplaced my other Etude House blush.

This is the cute freebie cushion case I got!

I saw a review on Youtube that they prefer this
rather than the other two mascaras from the line so I got this!

I paired my Funky x Skull palette with this Funky x Skull Shot lip tint~

Finally, I got me this for me brows just because and 'coz it's cheap lol.

That's about it for this Haul! Check out Etude House for their Pink x Skull limited edition line! They're so unique and cute and I know you guys will love it! This ain't sponsored btw, no, NO! I bought these with my hard working husband's money! Lol. Stay tune for my reviews! I'm gonna be active from now on! Lol. Oh and by the way, just as I was typing this blog I bought another package from Etude House! Lol. Oh my poor poor husband! I'm sorry, it's almost Christmas! Anyway, NO MORE BUYING MAKE UP FOR REALZ THIS TIME!

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