BH Cosmetics Haul!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

I went crazy and bought a lot from BH Cosmetics! They didn't ship to Japan before but now that they do I bought like A LOT from 'em! I bought tons for my friends rather than for me 'coz you know, SALE! They won't even know the palettes I bought 'em were so cheap 'coz it looked expensive! Lol. And I mean, the quality is amazing (Based on the ALL the reviews I've seen)! I've never thought good quality make up could be so affordable! Most of the palettes I bought were 50%-70% off. The expensive looking brush I bought were only $15.00! Tons of coupons! Shipping is not so expensive unlike Colourpop which btw, I missed their free international shipping promo so that sucked! and they have 7% cashback on ebates so I was like, 'I'm gonna spend all my birthday money on make up!' And so I did and I even bought tons for my friends aswell! This year's Christmas presents and their birthdays for the next year are covered! (I'm a cheap friend, I'm sorry! I'm poor!) Anyways, Here are all the stuff I bought which I'm going to do a review in the future~ and by future I mean tomorrow!

This came first and it took 12 days to arrive.. I bought a lot of 'Pride, Prejudice and Zombies' palette because they we're on sale for $6.50 so I bought tons for my friends! Although, I didn't get one for me 'coz I thought I already have all the colors on my other palettes and I got a free eyeliner! Shipping didn't cost me much 'coz I've been using 'VALPAK' coupon code so on my $60+ worth of purchase, I get $15 off so that almost cover the amount of shipping.

3 boxes just came today and yes, I did 4 seperate transactions 'coz I just couldn't stop shopping! I stopped when the sale was over. Lol. Most of these I'm going to give to my friends as gifts like 4 of the BH Liquid Lipstick, the brush set and 3 palettes while I got me the Shaanxo palette, Be... by Bubzbeauty and 4 Liquid Lipsticks which I'm going to do a review! The free eyeliners I got I'm going to give to a friend!

And that's it for this haul! This is a massive BH Cosmetics Haul and I think I'm going to stop buying make up for now.. I spent way too much and I don't even go out much 'coz I'm a stay at home mom!!! Anyway, stay tune for my Etude House Haul! I bought make up again! Lol. NO MORE MAKE UP FOR THE NEXT 5 YEARZ!

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