Toilet Room Makeover

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Today, I feel really productive and I just felt like blogging about it.. I did the lawn yesterday (I know so boooring) because we just bought a lawn mower and I know I should've bought one a long time ago! I'm so stupid! But yeah, nothing fancy.. it's a manual type and it's not that expensive.

And I'm really happy 'coz normally doing just our front lawn would take me 2 days to finish using JUST garden shears! Sometimes, even a week! 'Coz I couldn't move my arms any longer. This made my housework a lot easier and I don't have to deal with body pains any longer! Plus, it's a great workout tool! Lol.

Anyways, I wanted to record it so I could post it on Youtube but I just took pictures 'coz it's nothing special.. I mean, I don't have any tips to share on Youtube. I don't even know what I was doing? Or if I'm doing it properly.. I was just mowing away~

I put some stickers to cover up some rubbish I forgot to put away before taking photos! Hehe..

Lawn's done! So what I am really excited about is our toilet room makeover! But I forgot to take 'before' pictures omg! Even though I have been meaning to start a Youtube channel about organizing and decorating.. I just keep forgeting to record or take pics because I'm so focused on getting things done! But anyway, here are the after photos of our toilet room~ I'll just tell you guys what I did after every picture~

This is our downstairs toilet room and what I did is I bought a toilet lid cover and a mat which were a set and I also bought some tissue paper holder cover. Then I got a shelf and installed it on top of the toilet and I also bought the cute box sitting on top of the shelf which will hold my sanitary pads in the future. Then I just incorporated some of the stuff we already had like the plants and the wood it's sitting on.. and the little easle with japanese quotes on it.

I did the same on our upstairs toilet room except we already had the My Melody theme going on here~ Hung a shelf, put in a cute little box on top for storage + display and bought a slim trash bin/toilet brush holder on the left. The cute rose frame was a present from my husband when we were dating and I thought it looked good on the space but my husband is kinda not liking the idea so I think I might change this up~ This is not the final results anyway, I bought more stuff on the way and I'm really excited for the aroma diffusers I bought which would look perfect throughout our home! Especially in our toilet room!

Another great thing about this makeover is our genkan looked really neat afterwards 'coz all of the stuff I used to decorate our two toilet rooms are all displays here on our genkan and I know that's a lot of stuff! So overwhelming.. but yeah, thank God it's now clear! It looks really nice when you enter our home although I really need to change the picture! Nobody wants to see me and my husband kissing right off the bat when they enter our home! Lol.

Again, no 'before' photos! Urgh.. I'm such a failure!

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