Shaaanxo Make Up Palette Review

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Today we're going to review this beautiful Shaaanxo palette!

First and foremost this is what we're going to do.. well, I'm going to do.. I'm gonna take a picture of this beautiful palette and will give you time to appreciate its beauty. Then, I'll do a swatch and tell you guys what I think about the this beautiful palette. Btw, I sound so bias 'coz I already watched a lot of reviews before even buying this so I already know I'm gonna like it but we'll see if this beautiful palette approves my standards. Lol.


I got it for $12.50 ('coz sale) but it now costs $14.50. Isn't it purrty? Hmmm?

Here are the swatches!

I'm gonna start from the upper left up to the last~


The colors are very pigmented, not powdery at all and it has some sort of creamy consistency. There are only 4 matte shadows in this palette and the rest are shimmery. And my favorite of all you guys! This is why I bought this palette in the first place because of this gorgeous color! I don't know if you'll like it but I LOVE IT! It looks kinda bronzy from the swatch and it looks kinda green in the palette because it's a geochrome you know, it changes color and I think that's pretty cool! And I love it so much omg.. I wanna wear it all the time even when I'm asleep!

I mean look at that? Is it bronze? Is it green? THAT SHINE! SO SHINY!

As for the lip swatches, I took these lip swatches after doing this look
'coz I figured it'll be better to swatch 'em on my lips rather on my arms.

I didn't get to number the pics 'coz I was so lazy but the swatches start from the
bottom left up to the bottom right

I really like the lip pallette~ they're very creamy and easy to apply although my application isn't the best. I do find that the 6th color stains the lips but it's okay 'coz I do love lip stains and I really like the stain it leaves. Lip swatching on the lips is hard! Lol. I can't believe it took me an hour and a half to swatch these but yeah.. I do really like 'em! I can't believe they're only TWELVE DOLLUZ!

I LOVE THIS PALETTE SO MUCH YOU GUYS! That I used it for this look! I used everything from the Shaaanxo palette~ but what bugs me is that you can't see how pretty the eyeshadow is from the pictures! I guess you have to see me in person so you'd know that I'm not lying! The geochrome one really is the bomb!

I guess you could see it a little bit?

But you can't see it here!

These are the colors I used for this look btw~
if you want an everyday, glamorous, housewife make-up why this look is for you!

Overall, I LOVE THIS PALETTE AND I'M SO HAPPY I BOUGHT IT! I can't say nothing bad about it 'coz the packaging is great! You get a lot for $12.50 but they're now at $14.50 but BHCosmetics does a lot of sales and last I saw this it was 11 dollarz you guys, just wait for the prices to drop! Lol. So yeah, this is good stuff! The cheap good stuff y'know?! 😂 Kbye!

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