Gift Ideas For The Holidays

Friday, December 09, 2016

It's that time of the year again! And since I'm totally prepared for this year's holidays! I wanted to share some gift ideas that are budget friendly but your friends & family would truly love! Here we go!


You could never go wrong with make up! Especially for your girlfriends! The most budget friendly make up I could think of that I believe your girlfriends would truly appreciate is Colourpop and BH Cosmetics.

With Colourpop you could get 'em a whole set worth atleast $50.00
and it's got everything your sister or your bestfriend would want.

Or if they're a Hello Kitty lover you could get 'em the whole Hello Kitty
set or in my case just some of the Hello Kitty set for me! Lol.

If they like to glow, get 'em a glow kit trio!
Not the Anastasia glow kit that costs a lot but it still does the job!
Mine came in broken though, just don't get 'em the broken stuff! Hehe..

Or you could get 'em the matte, satin, metallic or gloss lippies
and just pop it inside a cute packaging!

You could also get 'em brushes from BH Cosmetics!
They're soft, sturdy aaand cute! It just doesn't look like something you would pay for $10-$15


This is actually a gift for myself and I've always loved this scent and I totally recommend it! It costs a lot when you order it from the actual Juicy Couture site, yet they have 'em in Amazon and it's 100% legit and it only costed me ¥5,400 which is around $48.00. I do recommend getting perfumes in the actual store, I know in Japan that they usually have sales especially at this time of year. They just didn't have these in stores that's why I got 'em from Amazon.


Another gift for myself but I also bought more in different colors and style for my bestfriends and family. This is from Guess and it's branded but I only bought if for $30 because it's on SALE! I got the first 3 Guess wallets I bought for my mom, mom-in-law and aunt from Laketown and then I got this and another 2 for my bestfriends at Shoplist. It's a shopping site here in Japan and it's 100% legit.


For the kids I got 'em these cute branded tops from Shoplist again!
And they're all under $10 each! Around $8 to be exact~


This is a great gift for a couple or a family. I'm actually gonna gift these to my cousin and his wife. It's a Thermos cup and y'know it's a good brand here in Japan and it doesn't melt your ice for hours and your cup of tea or coffee will stay hot for atleast 2 hours of leaving it. It's a good cup! And me and my husband love these!

Another thing you could gift to your mom or dad is some kitchen supplies or home stuff that they might actually need. It's not exactly budget friendly for you but if you think they'll use it in the long run or they might actually need it like for example, a new rice cooker because their old rice cooker broke. I mean, it might be expensive but they'll use it for a long time and it's a necessity 'coz rice is lyfe! So yeah, I think it may be a good thing to give.


Hey! The new FINAL FANTASY XV is out! That's the best gift you could get to your final fantasy fan bf/gf or hubby/wifey! But yeah, my husband is a Destiny gamer and he wanted to look professional playing his favorite game. Lol. So I got him this SCUF Controller for Christmas but he cannot wait until Christmas so he's using it already. And he absolutely loves it! I don't get men with their controllers like how he doesn't get me with my blogging and make up! Lol. But yeah, it's custom made~ we designed it ourselves! And it's not exactly budget friendly but if you love your gamer husband sooo much and if you think he's working so hard. I know he'll truly appreciate this! Here's the link (click me!) of where I bought and made it and yeah, go look for coupons before ordering!

That's it for my gift ideas!
I hope I've helped you and until my next post!



I also wanna add a selfie stick to the list! And this one you could connect via bluetooth and it lights up! I think this'll be a perfect gift to your girlfriend who likes to take selfies! Or for your friends or family who likes to take pictures of their travels! I bought this at Amazon for under $20!

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