How To Cancel NHK Contract

Saturday, December 10, 2016

If you happen to 'accidentally' sign up for a NHK subscription even though you don't watch the damn channel! Here's a tip!
  • Call: 0120-151515
  • and tell them you're moving to another country!
That's what I did! Simply 'coz I don't want to pay ¥13,990 yearly for something I don't watch and is a lot more expensive than my Amazon Prime which I watch ALL THE TIME and only costs me ¥3,900 a year! Aaand.. I get a lot of benefits from Amazon Prime! Do I get benefits from NHK? NO! Do all Japanese people pay for NHK? Certainly NOT! Even though you're REQUIRED by a STUPID LAW to pay for something YOU DON'T EVEN WATCH! I refuse to throw away my husband's hard earned money for something we don't get use out of. I mean, sure if you watch it, why not pay for it? But yeah, we don't! So, I don't want to pay! You could ignore and not pay for it as there is no punishment if you don't pay but the bills would just build up under your name and they would not stop sending you bill after bill until you die.. not until you cancel your account. So yeah, cancel your account..
  • Fill up this form they're going to send you.. 
Only answer the space they've encircled
  • Pay for the last bill if you wish..
  • send it back..
  • and then bye!
Next time they come knocking on your door, remember to always look at the peephole first or the camera thingamajig 'coz you never know.. sometimes they don't tell you they're from NHK not until you open the door. They're sneaky like that! Especially if they know you've been avoiding them for a long time (Based on experience folks!). And if you already know it's them (You can tell 'coz they always carry a touch screen remote thingy.) just IGNORE

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