Just To Clarify Things..

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Everyone says I am Japanese or I look like Japanese but the truth is, I don't even HAVE Japanese blood in me. It was just a coincidence that my aunt has Japanese kids and husband because she worked in Japan and my mom and dad also worked in Japan (Actually, I was made in Japan hehehe!) that's why I'm here now 'coz my family lives here but I still don't know If I really have Japanese blood in me.. maybe I do, maybe I don't.. I'm confused too.. but I do have Chinese blood in me, My Grandma's (Daddy's side) half Chinese/Filipino.. but I dunno, I think her mother has some other breed too. My Grandpa (Daddy's side) is half Spaniard/Filipino and I think he's father have Chinese blood also.

So.. I have 1/8 or 1/4 Chinese in me and no Japanese. I dunno what kind of breed my mom's side of family has but I'm pretty sure my mom has international breed 'coz my mom doesn't look Filipino much. She doesn't know what kind though 'coz she haven't really met her father or her father's side of the family.. sad huh?! What she only know is that her father is dead but she's not sure about it, and she looks like her father's mother according to her mom.

Well, I just hope that my mom can see her other relatives. It's kind of sad not knowing them at all especially, they are mom's relatives and also mine. AWWW!!!

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