Rant : Drunk People Pt. 2 (I'm supposed to blog this yesterday.)

Monday, August 17, 2009

『August 15, 2009』~ One of the worst days of my LIFE!

This is a rant about drunk people part 2! And this time, it gone worst! Here's the story..

So, my stepdad called and he invited me and my mom to go eat at some place with his bestfriend, Ei Chan. We ate at some place that serves "onomiyaki". Then my stepdad, again GOT DRUNK! and in the middle of the afternoon huh?! So.. we we're about to leave, they've decided to go to Ei Chan's place.. I've reminded my mom not to get drunk 'coz I don't wanna happen what happened last time. We went to the car and my stepdad spank me in the arm and he's acting like a bully so I cried.. even though he's drunk he comforted me which I don't like because I'm not use to him touching me.. and my mom was like, "Let it be, your stepdad is always like that when he's drunk so get used to it." And I'm kinda sad 'coz as my mom, she should say something to my stepdad and not say something to me, right?! *FASTFORWARD* We're at Ei Chan's place!!! There I met Ei Chan's wife, Mrs. Yumi. She's a nice lady, nicer than my mom!!! Yeah.. and I met a cute little dog who seems to like me so much for she is licking me on the face and even the lips all the time, Poke! haha! And I met Mi Chang, her husband and her two children. I also met her brother Yuta which was also nice to me, my stepdad was pairing me up with Yuta that day, yeah.. he was hot but he already has a girlfriend. Okay so we we're there and obviously they're drinking.. AGAIN! I kept going to the toilet room just to cry 'coz I don't want them to see me cry. do you know why I'm crying? Well.. my drunk stepdad keeps targetting me! He's shouting at me all the time, telling me bad words and stuff like I did something wrong even though I didn't! I just had to stay away from him, my mom doesn't even care of what I feel 'coz she's also drunk. (You see?! I told her not to drink and she just had to drink!) *FASTFORWARD* Okay.. now, we went to this bar.. well not really a bar like they have on the Philippines. It's like a bar that is family friendly! So we went there and I was kinda' frustrated 'coz I thought we we're going home, I mean c'mon! My mom's drunk and also my stepdad! We should be heading home but NO!!! We just have to go to this place which I'm not very fond of, plus! I hate dealing with drunk people!!! And my mom just keeps going with my stepdad's decisions, it's like she doesn't even know I'm there! Hmm.. so where we're we? Oh yeah.. the bar, this is the part where I've just had it! And I bursted all of my hidden feelings! Because, my drunk stepdad keeps teasing me and keeps targetting me so I cried and told my mom that "I don't wanna be here! You know I hate dealing with drunk people! I wanna go home! I wanna go back to dad!" And she calmly said, "Okay, tomorrow you can call your dad then leave." I was crying and my mom was just sitting there not even coming to me and say sorry (Well, she apologized eventually.) , she was just sitting there, laughing and drinking AGAIN and AGAIN! She doesn't even know she's already drunk and I'm very embarassed. *FASTFORWARD* So we left the bar and I was so excited and relieved! I said to myself that finally we're going home! Yeah! Little do I know that we're headed for another bar! OMF-! Oh man! I was so frustrated! But, I have nothing to do but to wait for them to stop drinking. So there, my mom danced like a retarded fool! My stepdad was sleeping! Oh my God! It was a dissaster! After that finally we went home! I think Ei Chan ordered a taxi and a driver to drive my stepdad's car and to drive me and my mom home. I was so amazed at Japan! The Philippines wouldn't do that, I mean, instead of driving my stepdad's car to go home, Filipino's would steal that car and would've murdered my stepdad and us! But NO! And imagine, that time was like midnight! I was so amazed! You can definitely trust Japanese!!!

So there.. the story of what had happen on that stinkin' day! I don't wanna come here to Adachikun if I have to experienced this one more time! I want this to be the last time!!!

But, my stepdad and my mom eventually apologized.. I just hope they won't do that to me again!

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