Rant : Drunk People

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I was inspired to do this rant/blog because of my mom & stepdad. THEY are both alchoholics and I respect the fact that they are who they are.. it's just that it bugs me when it gets over the line.

So yesterday night I was playing Pet Society slash watching Youtube. They are both drinking AGAIN (Every night they do that, but I don't mind.) but, this time they both got drunk. And you know what happens when they both got drunk? Yeah.. you don't know but I'll tell you.. they FIGHT. Yeah.. like talking about divorce and stuff and you know bicker againts each other.. I really don't mind since they're are drunk and they're really not on their right minds, just don't let me get involve, I'll mind my own business and then you both fight over there.. I won't hear you 'coz I'm wearing earphones. But yesterday my stepdad keeps calling me and he's tone of voice was pretty mad.. he keeps calling me and you know, he wants me to get involve and my mom was crying and telling me, "This is our problem, don't get involve" and my stepdad keeps holding me on the shoulders which I really don't like.. (I dunno I just don't like people that I don't want to touch me, touch me or even be near me.) Yeah.. you wouldn't know 'coz you are not on my condition but trust me it wasn't good so I tried to get away from it by telling my stepdad that I'm going to the bathroom.. then there, I had a meltdown. I cried in the bathroom and spent 5 minutes there for a while.. then I decided to turn off my laptop and go to sleep.. still, my stepdad keeps calling me, so I go there and try to ride with what he's saying just so he wouldn't do stuff to me 'coz I'm really really scared. I'm afraid he'll hurt me, shout at me.. yeah.. I'm pretty dramatic but, the feeling and the experience from that night, I don't want to experience ever!

BOTTOM LINE : I don't want to deal with drunk people ever! I don't even wanna get drunk 'coz I'm afraid of what I will do afterwards because my mom's kind of a war freak when she's drunk and so is my dad. But, atleast my dad doesn't drink now (Only when he's still in the Philippines and that's like 5 or 4 years ago.) and that's what I like about him. I'm afraid to be like them.. and in the future, I don't want my kids to see me like my mom 'coz I don't wanna be like her. And so is my husband.. if I wanna get a husband I don't want him to get drunk when he drinks. Good thing Rainer has ulcer and can't drink to much - wait! are we still together?! Nahhh..

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