The New And Improved.. Here @ 2010!!!

Saturday, January 02, 2010

New year's resolution?! It'll be DIET of course! I don't wanna be a lumpy 'ol chump anymore!!! huhuhuhu.. ( T v T )
and yeah.. I would not forget to mention.. to be a lot more closer to God.

For the past couple of years I've done so many mistakes/sins that now I regretted doin'. I tell myself If I could just go back to the past and tell myself of things that I know that's gonna happen.. But that would be impossible. The only thing I could think of doing to give coverage of all the mistakes/sins that I've done is by doing good things from the heart.. and avoid doing mistakes. But a person as I am I know I'm not perfect.. I cannot promise to not make mistakes but to just avoid doing it. I just don't want to do a big sin especially this year. So right here and now, a new and improved ME will be bustin' out this year!!! Yeah!!!

And yeah.. I'm also gonna blog about my new year story.

I spent my new year with The Kusagaya family. Sacho (actually he's a Kaicho but me and my dad call him Sacho because we are used to that) is like my dad's foster father here in Japan. That's why the Kusagaya's treat us like family for they knew each other for like over 10 years. And I also have filipino friends there.. well actually they're half filipinos and half japanese. They're Sacho's nieces. Anju, Arissa and Harumi are my new bestfriends here in Japan. I called them bestfriends for they are simply the best and they're not plastic at all! Not like the other friends I've known.

There's a lot of food! (oh yeah!) and guest for the Kusagayas are a big family! And of course fun! At the afternoon we teen girls went to a Karaoke house to sing! Like duh?! And I was all crazy jumping on the couch and was bouncing like a ball! It was so embarassing but we had so much fun.. then after Karaoke, outside of the karaoke house.. we we're doing this hep hep huraaay challenge and shagirishagiri thing.. it's on wowowee.. I really had no idea for back in manila we watch gma. haha!

We also received otoshidama. In japanese tradition, on new year's day they give money for they're siblings. But, if you're already working or 20 above. You won't be receiving otoshidama anymore. It's like pamasko on christmas but here in Japan it's just for family and they do it on new years. (but they treat me family so I got otoshidama hahaha!)

We also did magic tricks and puzzle things and I've learned so much!!! hahaha! My card magic has turned to level 0 to level 2 hahaha!!!

It was a blast! I never had this fun in the philippines 'coz on new years it's noisy and a lot of fireworks happening but we don't do fireworks for it's dangerous and I don't wanna!!! huhuhuhu!!!

Okay this blogs over! I'll be adding pictures here right after my cousin's done with my phone! ( ^ V ^ )

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