I feel, melancholic.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Was that the word am lookin' for? Well.. yeah! It is!

Like I wish I could turn back time and redo all the shit I did back then..

But that would be so impossible! I know..

It's like bein' here in Japan.. made me like stop.. and not move at all while all the people I know grew.. better or worst!

And I feel uncool.. so lousy.. hmmfp. ( > o < )

Like everything I want isn't meant for me.

Okay, so let's take a recap and talk about this drama.

In my previous blogs, you'll see that I'm so falling for a guy named Richard
but, after I've found out his unacceptable flaw.. I wanna stop mailing him but I can't 'coz I don't wanna tell him I don't like him anymore.. BECAUSE he's my friend and I don't wanna ruin the friendship 'coz I think telling him I hate him and I don't wanna be his would ruin it.

Second, I unblocked my x boyfriend from my facebook, the reason is that.. there is no more reason for me to block him especially now that he's no longer messaging me.

The reason why am melancholic because after him greeting me for our 3 year anniversary.. am just gonna find out that he already has a girlfriend. To top it of, he's cousin told me that he's x girlfriend whom we always fought about is always sleeping with him. Well.. isn't that sad?!

After everything.. do you think I can still trust a guy?! NO!!!
Well.. now, and about Richard's flaws.. I do not wanna tell but it's an extreme turn off, especially for me since I don't like manwhores. But that's that.. what happened just happened and we can't turn back time.

So what am I supposed to do? Simple..


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