Valentines Day.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Okaay, so this post was supposed to be on Valentines Day but since we just got our internet connection on our new house I just posted this now.

Right, so.. this is my first time celebratin' Valentines here in Japan and it's real different from the Phils. Like there.. boys are supposed to give you flowers, chocolates and stuff while here in Japan, the girls are supposed to give boys chocolate whether bought or handmade.. That's called Choco Giri. You're supposed to make chocolates for boys so on White Day, that's like on march, you'll get a present in return! It's either, cookies, necklace, lingerie.. etc.. I just googled it! hahaha!

Here some of the pictures of what we did last Valentines with my cousin Rina, she just turned 11 and she has a boyfriend!!! Hahaa! WOW! And with her friend To-chan.. well, not exactly her friend 'coz she said she hated To-chan.. Hmmm..

My cookies looks badd and tastes badd!!!

We messed up BIGTIME!!!

After several failures makin' cookies we decided to head to Saty to do purikura!!! yey! then, we bought ingredients for chocolate truffles.

Mix Mix Mix.. And the results.. TADAAA!!!

All done! Hahaha!


I just helped my cousin, I didn't gave any chocos to boys even my dad.. so I won't expect to receive any from White Day.. huhuhu! ( T ^ T ) Well, maybe next time..

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