Unexpected Friend. ♥♥♥

Monday, March 08, 2010

Yesterday was full of drama.. But it's okay now, am really happy I have a new friend that is KOOL! And we both got lots of in common.. so yeah! she's real cool! hahaha.. omg am so narcist much?!?! I gotta stop bein' like that.. it's disturbing hahahahaha!

Okay, do you wanna know who she is?? It's really unexpected but yeah! She is dicko's ex! Avi! Hahaha!!! (dicko?!?!)

Anyway, yeah.. I've been getting a lot of request from my friends that I SHOULD make a youtube site and make videos.. I'm still kinda shy but I wanted to make a video too.. so, forget about being shy! It's time to shine baby!

*Talking to myself* No ME! That line isn't cool! It's gay!

OMG! I'm so gay.. not that I hate gays you know? I'm just not used to those words (The inspirational thing type) 'coz I can't deliver well.. aww! Hahaha! Enjoyin' myself now!

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