I feel purrty day ♥

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Out of excitement, I tried out my new hair curler and curled my hair.. but fail! I can't get it together that's why instead of using my hair curler, I used my new hair straightener with bubzbeauty from youtube.. I watched her Runway Curls tutorial.. she used a hair straightener to curl her hair.. I followed her tutorial and it absolutely looked good on me.. Not to be narcist but true! Yeah! I feel purrty today!

And the plus side.. I've been getting a lot of compliments today.. even though I accidentally deleted my album with tons of pictures of me that I could never retrieve ever again 'coz my pictures on my computer were also deleted due to virus.. Yeah! And I'm super pissed at the time but I'm planning on deleting my pictures anyways.. I just didn't want it all to be deleted.. *sigh* But I'm okay now! And it'll be a lot cooler if my crush would mail me! And I'm still waiting.. waiting.. waiting.. waiting.. bored!

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