Japan Disadvantages. < / 3

Friday, May 21, 2010

✖ Food made me fat! and I was fat before so it made me "Majimboo Fat"!
✖ Away from friends and relatives.. ( T ^ T )
✖ Getting nasty, disturbing, annoying and saddening rumors of *him* from friends or collegue which literally, made me cry every freakin' night! (Got over it now.. ahaha!)
✖ Literally degrades my English Vocabulary.. and it's true! since I've been here for a year I've noticed that I'm having difficulty constructing english sentences and in spelling. Now I know why Japanese thinks that a person who is really good in Japanese and at the same time in English, is a really really totally super smart person!
✖ Again.. food??? Err.....
✖ And I thought winter is good until I've found out how irritating winter is..... well, when it snowed it's good!
✖ Trust me! winter? is equals to dry skin.. I repeat! DRY SKIN!!!!!
✖ Getting annoying rumors about me from the Philippines which is irritating me and making me wanna spit acid on 'em! Too bad I wasn't alien!
✖ And since I'm a dumbass in Japanese and a shy bastard! I have no boyfriend! And I'm officially.. super.. TIGANG NA! ( ^ o ^ ) Whoa! I did not just say that! But I did! Yay me!!!
TIIIGAAANG!!!!! Errrrr..... *throwing pillows*

And that's my story..... < / 3

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