Meddling/Nosy People.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

First, I would like to say that I will be deleting previous blog entries of mine that includes that certain person which I don't wanna talk about.

Okay, about meddling people.. I was really irritated to my friend 'coz she's so meddling.. she meddles to fights that aren't hers and that just pisses me off.. and she doesn't even know the whole story yet! She has no right to just meddle! Right?

As of now, I am mad of her.. for telling mean things to my other friend, yet she doesn't even know how the whole story went, for her to judge my other friend.. and even if she knew it from one certain person.. that certain person I knew is a total liar, 'coz he's the guy that I don't wanna talk about!

Now, I don't wanna say names.. 'coz I don't wanna start a fight or anythin' coz that'll only lead to drama.. and I DON'T LIKE DRAMAS!

My blog maybe confusing 'coz I'm not being direct and I'm not saying names.
But the point of this is to tell every single meddling/nosy people out there to just STFU!!!

Nobody wants you! Nobody likes you meddling or nosying (I don't know if that's even a word)!!! 'Coz you're all irritating! And I don't like you people!!!

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