How happy I am..

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dear Blog,

It's been a while.. and I have great news! I have a new boyfriend! Yep, 23rd of May, I have a new bf! His name is Richard, yeahhh.. the guy, I talked about in my previous blogs yadidaa.. Well, apparently, me and my past lover didn't work out.. It was hopeless! (jealousy, having no trust and issues! It will never work out!) So I went off and moved on and went with Richard ♥
Tbh, I dunno what came over me and asked him to be my boyfriend.. well, at first it was supposed to be a joke and see how he will react then wejcbfqkwevfoy2wevco12hevewucl1echb he's my bf! Ahahaha..
Yesterday, I was thinking If I still love my ex but, nahh.. I wouldn't choose my past for the present 'coz there's always a reason why me and my past didn't work out and that if I still continued being with him, I'll just end up getting hurt over and over again so.. I thought it was enough and I think I've already moved on..
But yeah.. we're in a long distance relationship ehehe.. btw, did I mention this new bf guy is also my really really tight friend? Like guy bestfriend?! So, I think I'll be happy with him! ♥ And since I have a new bf, I'll be embarassed to eat too much! So I'll have the inspiration to go on a super fast unhealthy diet! Because I think unhealthy diets are the fastest way to lose weight! Ahahaha..


I also cut my hair today.. and put extensions.. seeeee??? I have lots of layerz now! And I trimmed my fringed so when I put on wax I can make my fringe pointy!!!


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