You ruined everything!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Juuusssttt kidding! OKay, so my title's kinda sarcastic buuut nuff 'bout that 'coz am trying to make a big deal about my 48th post 'coz this one is the 48th.. and if y'all don't know, my favoritenumber of all time is 47 and I wanna tell you the story but it'll just ruin this blog sooo.. now, it's my 48th blog post so.. byebye 47!!!

Okay, so.. first, I wanna greet Ken, belated happy birthday! Yeaaahhh.. *eyes rolling* 'coz it was his birthday this June 17.. and he's kinda at school.. yeah, he's a kid! Well.. he's a family friend sooo.. his mom, treated us lunch at Denny's and this is the 'You ruined everything!' part.. 'coz am kinda like on a diet and since all the foods are extremely mouthwatering and tasty (parang patay gutom!).. I ended up ordering steak. lololol.

Okay, so what you're about to see here is uhh.. dissapointing? Idk..

Yes.. you see! I eat so neat!!! Which is kinda embarrasing for me.. 'coz am fat so.. anyway..

This lil' lunch thing ruined my diet! Now I have to sweat and sweat and sweat all over again and I hate sweating!!! Errr..

But yea.. atleast I got full! And it was freakin' tasteyy!

So yeah.. when we was about to go home, my mommy bought me this!

'Coz there is this souvenir booth right by the entrance and I was like look at this blingy kitty shit! I want it! Sooo.. mommy bought it! Isn't she the best?! lololol. ( - . - )

Oh and yeah.. it was June 16th.. when my mom and aunt died my hair milktea brown.. so my hair color is lighter now. I'm just saying that 'coz I wanna remember.. 'coz am not good in dates.

And yeah.. right after we got home.. we went to Saty that is now.. Maruetsu. It's opened but still not official.. they're gon' do the opening on 26.. I wish I could go.. they're giving out 50% discount of everything so I'm excited! So yeah.. about we going there at Maruetsu.. I went to Sanruju? Sun rouge? I dunno.. But it's pronounced as San Ruju?! Yeah.. so.. I went there and saw lots and lots of cute stuff that is so freakin' expensive oh why?!?! So.. I wanna buy zat mickey/minnie stationary and send it to the Phils. to my BF buuut.. I still don't want my folks here to know that I have a BF at Phils. sooo.. I will buy it next time.. when I'm alone.. so no one would keep asking me stuff on what am gon' do with the things I bought and yeah..

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