Happy Daddies Day ♥

Monday, June 21, 2010

Sooo.. Happy Fathers Day!

I made this for my dad.. just now and as of now he’s eating it.

Since my dad goes home from work on 12am every weekends and since he likes eating breakfast meals whenever he has come back from work.. I made him a special ehehe! I knooow I should’ve made him this in the morning but I woke up at 11am and he’s already gone.. and yeah, we kinda have an arguement but yeah.. still love him tho!

Happy Daddies day agaaain and yeah dad, this is only for now since it’s your day.

Blooper Story:

So right after I made this I took a shower.. theeen, I didn't know my dad's already home from work 'coz he usually door bells but yeah.. I guess he used his key now sooo.. I have no idea he's already home so without bra, I was walking around the kitchen and I was shocked 'coz right out of the blue he said, 'Arigatou!' And I was like Ah!.. startled like that.. and good thing he was already in the living room so he didn't see me there.. yokatta ne ~ lesson learned.. don't walk around the house without bra or naked!

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