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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Last night me and my cousin went to Sundrug (サンドラッグ) to buy us some nail colors, and bought 2 colors from Canmake (red and white) and a yellow green color from Majolica Majorca 'coz we decided to do strawberry nails!!!

And yeah.. I guess my review on Canmake is that not only do they have cute, affordable, AWESOME make up! They also have cute aaand AWESOME nail colors! べーだっ It dries quickly and it's very pigmented and the color is pretty vibrant.. for example:

(You don't know how embarass I am of my yucky man hands! なきっ!!)
I only put one coat and I didn't edit this photo, PROMISE! and look! It's realleh pigmented and dries super quick! Like magic! わらっ!! (LOL)
And now, with top coat.. わーい

I know you don't see the difference, but now it's SHINY! キラキララキラ!!!キラキラ

As of my review on Majolica Majorca nail color..

nahh, it's ok I guess.. well it's cheap (But Canmake's cheaper) and you know.. the heck I hate it.. I guess the packaging is nice but nahh it's just not good.. it doesn't dry quickly aaand is not that pigmented aaand yeah, it costs more than Canmake but it's bottle is smaller than Canmake how 'bout that! The only reason I bought this because it's the only one that has yellow green color.. I'm so dissapointed.. ぶた but, atleast their make up is nice and their website is pretty にっこり

OK so now that I'm done with the review.. dan dandadadaaaaaan! our nails.. lololol. ウインク


(LOL no edit) it's so messy.. well, can't blame me since I'm not that into nail art aaand I have small nails 'coz I can't grow long nails.. むふふふふふ trust me, I dunno how! LOLOLOL ちょっぱー。

aaand..... Rina's (my cousin) prepare yourself for total nail art failness! ニコ!

I am so sorry guys! 美味しい

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