Sashiburi ne Ranzuki!!! ヘ(゚∀゚*)ノ

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's been a long time since I bought a Ranzuki mag.. like 9 months? not sure buuut.. it WAS REALLY A WHILE and I'm so happy I get to buy one today.. (good thing we stopped by at some video store after we went to Softbank so they could fix my stupid broken phone! But I left my alien card so we have to go back tomorrow! urghh!) well, 'coz you know, now that I have an actual job I can actually spend my money on anything without worrying about money no moes 'coz I have a JOB! lololol. omg I talk a lot.. うささん

K, so here are some pictures of it! And it's like meant to be.. 'coz the cover is Saito Natsuumi LOVE and some other girl but Saito Natsumi LOVE is there and she's like my favorite gal and I LOVE her to death! め (SHE IS MY IDOL) And there are tons of pictures of her in this mag.. like TONS more than Suzu!!!

she now (well idk if like now NOW or whatever) has ORANGE HAIR ~ koooool! カイ

awww... she so adowable 1

Isn't she like the cutest?!?! awww... にこちゃ

And yeah.. I didn't just bought Ranzuki.. I also bought some Smart? Magazine.. and I really don't like this magazine 'coz it's not that 'known' and I just don't like it.. but the reason I bought it for 600+ it's because of TOMMY. Yes, Tommy.. it's one of me favorite brands ehehe! ハート

And the only reason I bought this ugleehh mag it's because of free Tommy mini bag ニコ!
me roves me some Tommehhh! わ~い!

weee..... Tommy! 音符 Tommy! 音符 Tommehhh!

Natsumi laugh! v

she says am funneh! かお

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