Job Interview and what I did today..

Thursday, March 31, 2011

So if you guys read my recent posts (LOL I talk like I have readers.. ぎゃはは what an asshole!) I already told you that I work in a looove hotel! But since my dad's friend told me that there's gonna be this job that you'll just be folding towels by just putting all those towels in a big iron machine and then the salary is good きゅん! and you'll be a se-shine.. (kinda like a semi permanent worker) and I'm like, LET'S DO THIS! きゃははは So we did! And had the job interview and it was real quick and kinda fun.. the guy who interviewed us is funny!(‐^▽^‐)Plus, he knows tagalog! And he's super nice 'coz he said I look like a half Japanese girl (LOLOLOL 得意げ maybe if I told him I'm not a filipina he might actually say I AM JAPANESE LOLOLOL うれしッ) aaand he said he'll do his best so I could have the job and he'll call if I got the job (PLEASEOHPLEASEOHPLEASEOHPLEASEEE!!!! ニコッ) and yeah, God Bless him for that! ドラえもん But, still.. I don't want to get my hopes up 'coz everytime I get my hopes up it always fails.. (LIKE LAST TIME! なく) that's why I didn't blog about this yesterday.. ('COZ IT ALSO FAILS WHEN I GET TOO EXCITED! ぁ) that I'm gonna have a job interview.. 'coz I did use to blog about my previous job interview on tumblr, then I didn't pass.. and I want that job so bad I cried ぐすっ because I didn't pass 'coz of this jealous filipina bitch びく who doesn't like other filipinos/filipinas working with her! I mean, selfish much you stupid cunt! LOLOLOL okay.. あ・・・? so the past is in the past let's just move on and forget about that stupid conniving bitch! むっ

So I just got home from work.. lll (ACTUALLY LIKE 2 HOURS AGO (@^3^@) LOLOLOL)

No make up (I never wear make up to work anyways 顔文字) and just tired..(´・ω・`) I wanna go to sleep but I can't.. YET! うふ am busy watching BEAUTYQQ's videos on youtube and they are ハートamazingハート.. though it's chinese but there are some english subtitles!

This is my favorite.. 顔 the acne video! I'm acneish (that even a word? ヤベ) actually.. My face is not oily but I get acne EVERYTIME I have my period and because of my bangs and then I have me some blemishes! It's all stressing.. きゅ~ so I watched this video and seriously right now, I wanna have sex with a guy ニコニコ just so I could get me some birth control pills! (Okay, so this part is a joke.. にこぉ〜)
But the antibiotics stuff.. わはー I wanna drink me some right now! Haha.. (LOL) nuff with the jokes and all but srsly, thanks to this vid I now know what products I should buy for my big, anpaman mitai face with tons of acne and blemishes! にぃ
ブタ ・・・・・・・・

And did I mention that the worst thing that had happened to me this day is that a bird えーパンダ literally dropped it's nasty poop on my head! GOOD THING WE WERE GOING TO MY DAD'S FRIEND'S HOUSE and she let me took a shower.. うるうる (I did hold my tears of disgust!)
Then I told this to my dad and he's like OH NO! THAT'S LUCKY! にこ (srsly dad? a bird poop?! LUCKY?!?! は? What are you smoking?!?! ( ̄□ ̄;)) He said that right before this nasty bird pooped on me, 悲しい… I should've washed the pooped and buy lotto tickets first AND THEN.. wash the poop! 'Coz they say that if a bird pooped on you.. you'll get money and I think that's kinda true! 'Coz tomorrow is SALARY DAY!!! なんだこれ YAY!!!

AND IF IT WAS TRUE (bird pooped on you, you'll get money) THEN LET THEM NASTY BIRD POOP RAIN ON ME あは DAMMIT!!!!

byebye zzz

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