Saturday Shopping ('-^*)/

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Today I went (yes, I. 'Coz I went there by myself) to Shimamura to buy stuff for myself 'coz you know, I just meh got my $alary にこにこ (ahhh.. 「テレスマイル」 nothing beats money you worked hard for and now you gon' spend it like a millionaire!)

Now, Shimamura is this place where you can buy clothes, shoes, accessories aaand even adowable stuffs for interior.. にっこり And it's just a wonderful place (LOL wonderful! きゃは☆) 'Coz not only the clothes and the shoes, accessories etc.. are SUPWER ADOWABLE はぁと but they're CHEAP and they're NOT like China brand or Philippine clothes @ divisoria (from China lololol ははっ;) that are cheap but so fragile ははっ; PLUS.. cheap clothes from the Philippines are not adowable む like what they got in store here so yeah.. ♡ That's why I don't like buying clothes from the Phil. !

So here are some of the things I bought ハート hehe:

< First up is this realleh cute bra べ~ぇ!! and shawts! (shorts haha) >

< Hello Kitty jyaji I don't know how to call jyaji in english, you tell me うう >

< A blazer type kinda hoodie (not good with clothing names) キャッ☆ >

< 626 shirt!!! スティッチ super love the design Hg p.s. I got this from the men's section and I personally think they have way better t-shirt designs rather in girl's section and oversized t-shirt rules! so yay!!! はーと* >

< Chopper (チョッパー) futon cover! foe me! p.s. Chopper ← is now my new favorite character!!! チョッパー >

< Skull scarf and leggings/stockings yaaay! きゃー >

< Ribbon wallet! 'Coz I LOVE ribbons.. ribbon ribbon ribbon >

< Purrty LOVE diamond lashes endorsed by me loves Natsumi chan and Suzu! LOVE >

< I bought the lash case ラヴ from Shimamura but I bought the biore body wash and the brush at Sugi when I went there! >

AND LAST..... ラブ

< EGG Magazine! クロミ*ラブ It's a gyaru magazine and I only bought this 'coz it has a free mirror lololol akn EGG doesn't always put free stuff on their magazine and I think they have one now 'coz it's their anniversary!


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