Sunday, April 03, 2011

I can't think of a good title so I put an erika emoji instead! Isn't it purtty?!?! やった (course it is, ナイス it's my name) And sooo... I'm back.. home, from work! あ~っ I'm tired.. I can't sleep! むっ Fuckin' insomia! I just said fuckin'.. I'm badass! lololol random wtf?! え゛!

So yeah.. the reason why I am typing this blog right now is because I can't sleep and because I had nothing to do but to make me feel sleepy.. so, I went through my archives and read my past blogposts and I must say I am pretty much embarass with myself and I realized that I shouldn't have typed/talked w/e like that.. but, instead of erasing it.. I didn't! So that my readers (LOL readers.. nobodeh reads this shit!) would know that I've changed.

Changed by? How?! Ok, so my first post was about copycats and then about people who t@LkK LhYk Th!sZzZk and about drunk people.. tbh, I felt really bad when I read the copycat post 'coz it's too harsh and yeah right now, I've realized that just 'coz someone did something that you did before DOESN'T MAKE THAT PERSON ALREADY A COPYCAT 'coz I am not the only person in the world who's got the right to do it. And for the people who talk like aliens.. yes, I AM TOO HARSH, again! They're NOT ALL uneducated people and NOT ALL OF 'EM are self-centered and attention whores.. IT'S THEIR STYLE and that's HOW THEY CHOOSE TO TALK/COMMUNICATE.. we have no right to judge people on how they represent themselves 'coz that's what makes them WHO THEY ARE. (fyi, my own words jyeaaah!) Yes, they're sooo irritating but we don't have to hate on them (like curse on 'em and tell them to just die!).. and I don't have to hate on them just 'coz I can't read or understand what they're tryin' to tell me (I don't have to know everything! LOLOLOL).

And last, about drunk people.. Referring to my mom and stepfather.. yes! Drunk people can be physically abusive or verbally abusive but the thing is! None of those are my parents and I'm just being overreating so.. I can't believe I just said that to them, but I am truly sorry.. I am REALLY dissapointed and I hate myself for saying those things 'coz months after, me and my stepdad grew pretty close and when we drink together now, and I don't care if he's drunk, I actually think he's way fun when drunk rather than being plain 'coz he's just serious and like, dull lololol well not really but, whatever. I guess at that time I am not used to seeing him like that especially when I don't know him that much at that time but now that I know him, I know him when he's drunk or not and I'll know what he'll do so I'ma be like, oh here he goes again. Like thhhaaat! So yeah.. the purpose of this blog is to tell people that everybody changes and people change their minds, like for example.. this! And the fact that I used to hate yellow and now, It's my bed sheet colour.. well, Chopper's there so it's cool. I'm cool with yellow now.

< I'm a bad photographer うう >

I say, 'it's official'. ME LIKES YELLOW NOW! ピカチュウ >


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