Me gots a new job! Booyaaah! (* ̄Oノ ̄*)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hola amigos muchachos nachos! 女の子 かぁぁ... <- Awyee pretty anime girl emoji? JACKPOT! Let's start this blog by tellin' you guys that I got a new job! きらきら Yayびっくり I'm like so happy 'coz I got me there some filipina friends and more salary! YAY! I'm gonna be rich 円円円びっくり

And jyeaaah.. fuck Manyoびっくり むっ They all racist! (Nahh.. not really, it's just that I'm dissapointed by the fact that they didn't hire me 'coz am filipina and they're hiring Japanese people instead, and since I'm nice and all I just said okay, but in my mind I was just like, "Screw you muthafucka! I thought you're supposed to be the nice guy!" but, anyway..)

K, so now that am done with the good part, let's go to the bad part of this whole shenanigan! As you all know (WHAT ALL?! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH ME?! NOBODEH READS THIS MOTHAFUCKIN WASTE OF CYBERSPACE!) I still have a job and I didn't tell 'em that I was gon' quit yet 'coz I'm still unsure whether I'm gonna be hired or not. So I didn't tell 'em and then I got hired which is great, but it was so unexpected 'coz my only purpose there is to go on an interview but not actually get hired yet! But it was muthafuckin' great! And I'll start workin' tomorrow (double great!) and in my mind am like, "no shit I'm hired! And I'm starting tomorrow.. holy crap! I still have a job!!!". So my dad called 'coz am late.. from work (at the love hotel) and I'm supposed to go to work there by 5pm but it's so impossible not to be late 'coz we still have a job tour.. and they toured us around and taught us how we're going to do our job and my dad kept calling and I was like yo dad calm yo dick I'll be there.. then, I texted my tita Emma which btw, is the one who told me to go on this interview, and then I told her that I got hired YAY! Then, she told me that since am hired and all there's no need for me to go to the hotel and work! So my boss called and she asked if I'm gonna be late and I immediately told her that I quit ('coz am baddass) and she's like huh?! and blah blah blah.. and then, my battery went dead! So, she called my dad and asked him what just happened, she just quit?! And my dad was like, WHAT?! and it went on and on until my dad decided, we're gonna have steak for dinnerびっくり LOLOLOL.


And yeah.. advice! NEVER EVER listen to loud music when on the train 'coz you might miss your stop and you'll have to go down to Nanasato and take the goddamn stairs and wait for another train and then more stairs and then walk home! 'Coz that ain't cool.. and your legs will hurt.. ahhh.. shiiit!

And 'coz I'm an icy, heartless, badass camwhore.. ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ I give you my picture, with melted mascara (LOL melted?! I dunno how to say it..) on me 'coz I cried.. boohoo..

Eeewww.. I'm so ugly! And btw, THANKS TO MY TITA EMMA AND I LOVE HER SO MUCHびっくり ハート ハート ハート

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  1. This is my favorite pic of yours...

    You look so pretty in this picture



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