Crush Update Fail.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I know I said I'll be posting updates about my crush everyday, but I'm a beezy person too (loljk. I just don't have the time to blog 'coz when I get home from work, I eat then go straight to bed) aaand me and my crushes have different yasumis.. so that means when they're on their yasumis, I have work.. so yuh!

So, about my crushes.. Mask Rider person and Kumiya.. I am no longer in like? (LOL) with 'em anymore.. 'coz I don't get to see Mask Rider as often as usual and I am no longer attracted to Kumiya because he is cold.

I already 'interrogated' Kumiya, about his age, if he's married and if he already has a girl and he said, he's 24, he lives alone and he doesn't have a gf (LOL) poor guy, he lives alone! Sad to say.. I am no longer interested in him because he is cold to me.. and I fall for nice and friendly guys! So yuh!

But, I have a new crush.. his last name is Matsuo (he won't tell us his first name), but everybody calls him Machang at work.. at first, I am not attracted with him 'coz I usually get attracted to someone if they have a nice face (I know, I'm a superficial and shallow human being). But, it's different with him. He is kinda the assistant of our supervisor and yuh.. he looks after us everyday, except when he's on yasumi.. and the first time we kinda met? Is when we were packing some packages and then he's there and I kinda didn't see him so I was carrying this empty box so recklessly that I accidentally hit him with it on the head, but I didn't realize it until he kinda gently pat my head! And shocked I told him gomenasai while laughing 'coz I didn't see him being a jamma there..

And it all started there.. at first I kinda thought he likes me 'coz he keeps calling my name, 'Erika! Erika!' bakkari.. and always talks to me and yesterday he kinda played with me? So yuh! I started falling for him two days ago 'coz I really like the way he talks, the way he moves (LOL), his skin, his voice and he's really friendly and he looks like a bunny! And.. he's just so cool! So, I fell for him so easily.. AND HE REMINDS ME OF THIS GUY!

< Eddie Cahill from CSI: New York >
He kinda looks like Eddie Cahill except he's asian! With chinky eyes!!!

So yesterday, I asked him, how old is he and he went closer to me and said he is 29 and he's turnin' 30.. and I was shocked 'coz he kinda acts like a 21 year old, so I was expecting him to be 25-ish, but still.. I don't care if he's 11 years older 'coz I like him so much! And desperate enough to know more about him, I asked Miu chan to ask him if ever they'd encounter in the tobacco station, if he's married or if he has a girl.. And then, when we're about to go home, Miu chan told me he's not married but he has a gf so I was really shocked 'coz he already has a girl! And they could possibly marry soon 'coz of their age.. and I suddenly felt so down and I wanna give up but something inside me kept telling me to wait and not give up.

And I think I won't give up.. after all, we've only knew each other for more than a week! And there is this possibilty that someday he'd fall for me 'coz he already notices me.. all I got to do is just be me and just study more japanese! And yeah.. lose weight! My number one priority as of this moment! So yuh.. I guess I'll be blogging about him soon.. and my progress! lololol. no more crush updates 'coz that's stupid.. and I only like one person now.

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